Thanks to Mentors, Thanks to You

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for your support. We are especially thankful for your part in helping us launch our very first global web telecast of the 2012-13 Hot Mommas Project Case Awards on November 2nd: The Superbowl of Mentors.

Kicking Off the Event

As ABC7 News Washington Business Report anchor Rebecca Cooper noted to kick off the awards announcement, the awards were “a time to celebrate the role models and mentors in your life and work”. This year, we recognized a number of dynamic women who shared their case studies (i.e. stories).

Introducing Top Three Global Winners from Canada, Kuwait, US

Nancy Lyons, All News 99.1, the CBS all news radio station in Washington, DC, introduced case author Kathy Wilson, who shared her insights as a Top 3 Global Winner.

Trina Fletcher, the co-founder of Tina and Trina LLC, Dream Girls DMV, and Dream Girls ARK, introduced Top 3 Global Winner Eman Al-Awadhi, who Trina recognized as inspiring her own work in West Africa.

Eman sharing lessons she learned from some of her mentors, including her mother, her father, and her grandfather.


Katherine Johnson, one of our 2012-13 judges and former Oprah Winfrey Network Senior Vice President, shared her #HotTips for women.

“Really think about networking and really think about building that network of mentors and people you can go to.” Katherine Johnson


Katherine introduced Michelle Lochan, calling her “A true story of persevering under incredible distress and turning your life around despite tragedy.”

Words from the heart, delivered by Michelle herself:

More Amazing Women Recognized

If that wasn’t enough, during the half-hour, we also recognized our wonderful category winners, country winners, and finalists. In addition to being recognized during the program, many participated via social media with their own feedback and reactions. See jpgs of some Twitter stream highlights HERE.

@Juhaina75, @CsuiteDialogue, and @TheLashingDiva provided some of the best pictures on Twitter. Here are three of our favorites shared on 11.2, direct from “watch parties” hosted worldwide!

Featured in the Washington Post (and Japan Times, and More)

To cap it off: On Sunday, November 3rd, the day after the event, Brigid Schulte’s feature on the Hot Mommas Project appeared in the Washington Post. Click here to read “Mission Seeing, Believing

It’s a Family Affair

Again, we would like to thank our all our authors, sponsors, partners, judges, nominators, and senior country managers, Lydia Fernandes of Canada and Rim Siam of the Middle East. We could not do it without you all! Special thanks go out to Mary Sarah, our Arts Award Winner, who provided us with her beautiful song “Crazy Good” for use on the telecast.


Together, we watched for women of the world. It would not have been possible without you.

We could not say it enough: Thank You!

30-second Animoto thank you video

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