July 12, 2011

The Hot Mommas Team

The Project:

The Hot Mommas Project is the world’s largest women’s digital case study library designed to serve as role models and mentors from the basement to the boardroom. The library is free, comprised of rich – often jaw-dropping – stories, by women of all backgrounds and cultures. The Hot Mommas Project was born to fill a gap in the educational system – Teachable, scalable, authentic role models providing a full picture of success. Research shows exposure to key networks of role models/mentors and family issues are the number one and number two issues impacting womens’ career success.The Hot Mommas Project collaborates with educators, institutions, women’s and girl’s groups, parents, and companies through our parent company Vision Forward to use the venture’s mentoring programs and training seminars which increase confidence up to 200%. Hot Mommas® Project started as the research of our founder as a part time faculty member at the George Washington School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

The Team:

KathyKKFHeadshotBW_phoneKathy Korman Frey

Founder & CEO

Kathy is the Hot Mommas Project Founder and “CHM” (ChiefHotMomma), a title developed for her by an intern on the way to Guy Kawasaki’s party in Silicon Valley. Frey previously served as Managing Director of Vision Forward, COO for the National Council on the Aging Development Corporation, as Vice President of Business Development for a healthcare software firm, and in management and as an analyst in the merger and acquisition and competitive intelligence industries.

Frey is a former Alzheimers Association board member and currently serves on the advisory boards of United Women in Business, Mixology, and 30 Second Mom. She is the recipient of a Washington Business Journal Women Who Mean Business Award the DC NAWBO Woman of Distinction Award.

Frey teaches Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership at the George Washington University School of Business; the course is the winner of a National Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Award. Frey earned her BA in English from The University of Virginia and her MBA from Harvard Business School. Click here for more.

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SameeraHeadshotSameera Q. Bazaz


Sameera Bazaz was the first adopter of the freelance consulting model at Vision Forward LLC and one of the earliest champions of the Hot Mommas Project vision – mentoring students in the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership course at George Washington University’s School of Business and a judge for the Hot Mommas Project Case Study competition.

She began her career in Corporate Tax Advising and Litigation Support at Price Waterhouse in Sydney Australia, serving clients in the insurance, consumer products and manufacturing industries. After moving to the United States, Sameera was with McKinsey and Co. in Pittsburgh, PA and then FreeMarkets Inc, the first B2B online auction and strategic sourcing tool (later acquired by Ariba and then SAP) where she facilitated the adoption and implementation of FreeMarket’s online strategic vendor management and auction applications by some of the largest -and most resistant to change – defense and aerospace companies in the United States. She then went on to lead FreeMarket’s DirectSourceTM product and Customer Training teams.

Sameera has a B.Ec. (Economics and Accounting) and LLB (JD) from the University of Sydney, is a former CPA of the New South Wales Institute of Chartered Accountants and has an MBA from the Harvard Business School. She lives in Reston VA with her husband and three boys.

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Tinu Abayomi-Paul

Women’s Leadership Fellow

Tinu Abayomi-Paul is our founding Women’s Leadership Fellow, a tlong program designed to provide exponential benefit to the women’s community. Tinu brings to the Project her expertise in web site promotion, as an author, and content specialist as the principal of Leveraged Promotion, LLC.

Tinu has written over 30 ebooks and multimedia guides on using the web to increase business profits, as well as volumes of how-to guides. She is frequently quoted in books and articles, and has been part of a CNN’s Leading Women article and chat series.

Tinu was named one of the 2014’s top 50 Industry Influencers by AGBeat. She was on of TopRank’s 25 Women Who Rock Social Media. Other honors include “Digital Sister of the Year” and Liberated Muse’s Top 10 Women in Social Media.”

Previously, Tinu was the Editor of the award-winning blog: Women Grow Business founded by Network Solutions. She currently serves on the Social Media Advisory Board of Web.com.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.59.17 PM Michelle “Micha” Sindyukov

Manager of Social Media and Special Projects

Michelle manages social media, website, and assists with research and implementation of pilot projects. She comes all the way from Israel and has previously also lived in DC. Currently a senior at American University, Michelle has worked in, and is majoring in, the field of communications and marketing. She is very passionate about languages, women’s rights, sports and politics. In the future, Michelle would like to work in the marketing field, and travel the world.

Country Managers

Thank you to our global leaders from around the world who are well-known in their industries and countries. Current and past country managers:


The entire team would like to give a special thanks to our esteemed judges, many of whom are advisors and mentors to the project.

Men’s Aux

We walk the talk at the Hot Mommas Project and work in educator-student teams. Are you a driven student in the DC area, or work well virtually from around the globe? contact us.

The Hot Mommas Project has many supporters and volunteers who regularly help us and cheer us on.

We cannot thank you enough.






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