The Bold Women of Breast Cancer

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At the Hot Mommas Project, there’s not a better time to honor the inspirational bold women of breast cancer who are creating awareness, comfort, funds, and fight for all of us.

Building a World Where a Sisterhood of Success Replaces Mean Girls

Research shows that around age 11, girls can begin to experience deficits in what is called “self-efficacy.” In layperson’s terms, this is the feeling of “I can do that.” It doesn’t stop there. As the instructor of a nationally award winning women’s leadership course, I’m called into corporations where I hear about…well…grown up versions of “Mean Girls.” Is there a connection to that 11 year-old?

Overall Global Winner 2012-13 (video): Michelle Lochan

As I looked down and thought this was the way to stop the torture I was going through, a voice in my head asked “who will give the children their breakfast tomorrow if you jump?” I agreed and walked back to my car. Read More…

Top Three Global Winner (video): Kathy Wilson

Why in the world would anyone want to do business with me? I’m a fraud, who no one in their right mind would listen to. Or, at least, that is what I thought for many, many years as I bore the sins of my past and my skin color like the scarlet letter. It was only when a wonderful coach decided to take me through an exercise that my life ended up changing for good. Read More…

Major Category Winner, Charles Schwab Financial Literacy (video): Whitney Johnson

Across from my Working Girl-ish type desk was a bullpen which was essentially a locker room for twenty-something guys aspiring to become masters of the universe. Because the pressure was so intense in this testosterone-filled room, they inevitably went for the hard sell in opening new accounts, saying things like “Throw down your pom-poms and get in the game.” Read More…