July 12, 2011

Guerrilla Mentoring

 Guerrilla Mentoring: Bring this to your group

GuerrillaMentoringGuerrilla Mentoring is one of the most addictive mentoring events you’ve ever experienced. 

What: Guerrilla Mentoring is a proprietary process of the Hot Mommas project parent company, Vision Forward. We have adapted a million-dollar executive peer mentoring technique for employees of all ages.

Who: It will leave you with the support network you’ve always wanted, and buzzing with energy as you present your goal or challenge, get personalized feedback.

When and Where: To bring a Guerrilla Mentoring session to your organization or conference, contact us. Read our article in Working Mother.

Read more about Guerrilla Mentoring from an alumna evangelist:


By Caitlin Magidson. Hot Mommas Project,  Social Media Consultant and Guerrilla Mentoring Alumna

Holla ladies!  Guerrilla Mentoring is back!  If you’ve had a friend rave about The Hot Mommas Project, then you’ve probably heard about this wildly popular and transformative mentoring event.

Ever feel like you had a dream you wanted to see come to fruition?  Flush out a hobby and start a business?  Maybe you’ve wanted to change a habit in your lifestyle to find more balance and happiness.  But where to start?  Who can you bounce ideas off of and get powerful feedback?  Who are your wing-men….women to support you in the undertaking?

The Hot Mommas Project is the venture that’s bringing women together with Guerrilla Mentoring, a workshop that creates a support network and safe space to share goals and work with others to brainstorm with you on your specific goal.  How awesome would it be to share what’s been on your mind and heart for months, or years, and make an action plan with the support of driven women just like you?

What happens at Guerrilla Mentoring?

1.   You share your goal with a group of dynamic women like yourself…saying it aloud is powerful. Own that goal, lady!

2.   Receive feedback from group members on how to overcome barriers and think outside the box to accomplish your goal.  You will have “aha” moments with this sharing!

3.   As the presenter you will get to reflect on comments and take notes that will move you toward your goal.

4.   Sharing is caring!  You get to give feedback and be a guide for other women.  Feels good to help someone else, eh?

5.   BAM!  You’re feeling confident about what you’ve shared, loved advice that’s been given, feel a new sense of clarity around reaching your goal, and have gained a support network of awesome women!

Here’s your chance to meet other driven women and be led in this exhilarating workshop by @ChiefHotMommaKathy Korman Frey. Go ahead, invest in yourself.  Sign up now for Guerrilla Mentoring.

No general admission Guerrilla Mentoring classes are scheduled currently. Please contact us to bring Guerrilla Mentoring to your conference or company.