Top Three Global Winner (video): Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson

The Unacceptable Woman

Why in the world would anyone want to do business with me? I’m a fraud, who no one in their right mind would listen to. Or, at least, that is what I thought for many, many years as I bore the sins of my past and my skin color like the scarlet letter. It was only when a wonderful coach decided to take me through an exercise that my life ended up changing for good.

On a lark she said, “Close your eyes and tell me the first word that comes to mind to describe yourself.” My answer? Unacceptable. I opened my eyes and it was like the world was in Technicolor.

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Coach KDub joins the Sisterhood of Success, shares her story and – in doing so – offers lessons learned which benefit us, or someone we might know (or even someone we don’t). How often have we judged ourselves? Thanks to Kathy for this ultimate coaching job. Coach Kathy Wilson’s site.

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