#18: PASSION – Do What you Love

Do you remember your career dreams of yesteryear, and then – kind of this halting screeching break sound like in a movie? And here you are… x (xx?) years later, in a cubicle, corner office, home office – NOT living the dream? I was forced to confront this reality when reading friend, coach, and Hot Mommas Project founding author Kathy Caprino’s piece on the topic in Forbes.

#17b: BE FINANCIALLY LITERATE – Rich Sister, Poor Sister – 10 Tips to Save Time and Money

By @ChiefHotMomma. This is part of the Power Plays series. Continued from #17a. Now let’s talk about money.  Very much like the illustrative tale of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, this is the tale of “Rich Sister, Poor Sister.” In this scenario, the sisters make the SAME amount of money each year, they just spend it differently. 6. Read more about #17b: BE FINANCIALLY LITERATE – Rich Sister, Poor Sister – 10 Tips to Save Time and Money[…]

#17a: WORK SMART – 10 Tips to Save Time and Money

By @ChiefHotMomma. This is part of the Power Plays series. Today I spoke at the amazing Year Up, a highly-selective program which “empowers urban talent to reach their potential” through an intensive technical skills training program. I told the group I’d put together some materials to follow up my talk, and this post is part Read more about #17a: WORK SMART – 10 Tips to Save Time and Money[…]

#15b LIVE YOUR VALUES: Your Work Life Solution: Values-Based Balance

When Harvard Business School Professor Howard Stevenson almost died, he woke up to the real meaning of work life balance: It’s about priorities. That is: What is most important to you.

Balancing a bunch of things and expecting A+ results in all of them is a recipie for disaster. Yet, many of us try to do that on a daily basis.

#15a: DELEGATE – Your Work Life Solution

Businesses often prepare for worst case scenarios. What if the CEO gets hit by a bus?…How SEVERE an analogy does it take for you to “let go” and pass off responsibility? Enter: The “If I Died” List. Take Xandra, for example. There Xandra sat …in her car.. in the parking lot…outside the hospital. “I’m in labor,” she texted from her Blackberry: Still wired, still connected. Xandra is still alive and well today, but…really people…

What is wrong with this picture?

#14 FIND SUPPORT – Power Plays for Women: Behind Every Woman is a Supportive Partner

When the Hot Mommas Project and the George Washington School of Business Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence did a national survey of 269 high-drive working women, it was in the midst of the opting out media firestorm. It was clear what wasn’t working. The story that wasn’t being told was this: What WAS working?

#11 Case Study: Why Women Bosses Shouldn’t Permit Challenges to Their Authority

Janetta was a star employee. Two years ago she had been hired by her contracting firm out of a top school. She spoke a foreign language. She was assigned all the top projects. She was promoted. But in her new role, she encountered the most unlikely of push-back: From her trainer.