#18: PASSION – Do What you Love

By @ChiefHotMomma. Part of the Power Plays series.

Do you remember your career dreams of yesteryear, and then – kind of this halting screeching break sound like in a movie? And here you are… x (xx?) years later, in a cubicle, corner office, home office – NOT living the dream? I was forced to confront this reality when reading friend, coach, and Hot Mommas Project founding author Kathy Caprino‘s piece on the topic in Forbes.

Kathy and I even joked about it on Twitter.

After realizing I was a Fembot, I made a comment on Kathy’s post: 


I LOVE this.

A) End to the endless buzz kill – Because we’re so burned out, you know? And reading this makes me think, “Hey – that would be fun!” It’s making ACTIONABLE the saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

B) Finding your inner Fly Girl – I am just WAITING for the day I get to coach my daughter’s dance team. I always dance with my nieces and joke around with them when they are in town and got permission from my husband to go ballroom dance (with some other sweaty guy – LOL) if I want. The “fly girl” comment we were joking around about on Twitter becomes real. But, it’s under an umbrella of the arts, and creating. What happened to that? I wrote a play for a play contest in high school. I used to get into stuff like that and so many of my friends were artistic.

C) It takes guts – I said “no” to speak on a panel with the head of one of the federal agencies the other day to go to the book signing of my friend. People looked at me like I had three heads. It’s not always an easy road. But, I SO AGREE with you that this need to re-connect with this inner passion and interest of ours is critical.


I wanted to share this because more than a few of us suppress our dreams. For instance, I both devolved and evolved into a “Business Fembot” over the past 20+ years and am now trying to detox a bit…or add a layer back of my former self. Don’t think I can fully shake the bot.
And, as the Chair of Infosys N. Murthy says,
“You have to get a life before you can achieve proper work-life balance.”
Are you getting yours? Kathy asks us this in her piece and, frankly, I thought it was a great question. What have we put to the side which would make our career of today that much more interesting or enjoyable or passion-filled? It’s such a great start.
P.s. So much related reading here – would make head spin. Will save for comments.

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7 thoughts on “#18: PASSION – Do What you Love

  • Kathy, thanks so much for sharing my post, and your thought-provoking sentiments about the importance of connecting to what we love, and hanging on for dear life to it. Even writing that post was instrumental for me – I have a screenplay I’m desperately longing to write, new music to learn, a new book to create, all emerging from things I love in this life, but I get distracted and think more about “work” than about creating and following my dreams. Thanks for encouraging us all to bring our dreams forward. After all, we only have one shot to make this life reflect who we really are inside. Happy Holidays and a dream-filled New Year!

    • Kathy – love hearing about what YOU want to do. You know – the other day there was a TEDxWomen talk I did on reclaiming time. But, doing more with the time we have is SO important. The feeling I got while reading your post was very “YEAH!” As my friend Heidi says (quoting a country song) if it’s not “Hell Yeah, it’s no.” Our lives are too short for the non “Hell Yeahs.”


      The other Kathy

      • Hey Kathy – per our conversation about bringing our creativity forward in our lives and relishing them, here’s a link to my musical gift for the holidays! Hope you like it! conta.cc/18EMSry

  • I really love this. It is so true that we should strive to do what it is we’re passionate about. If there are numerous things, we should try to smash them together to create a mix that makes us feel like we are living/working with purpose!

    • Thanks Quiana. And very much appreciate your always putting us in your Paper.li distribution. Very curious about what things you’d smash together…writing, decor, a closet fly girl, a singer, jazz? Do I smell opera? We could also go sci fi.


      • Oh your content is so yummy for my readers, I love including your content in my Paper.li. I’ve worked with women that have smashed together all sorts of things One really creative client smashed together her love of art with maternity coaching (to make belly molds), Just recently I’ve smashed together natural skincare, shopping, coaching, and ladies night out parties. Now as for sci fi, with time I’m sure I can work that in. I love sci fi!!!

        • Oooh! We need to go there. It’s time. I was thinking of putting together a Hot Mommas Project Ladies Night Out where we see roller derby.

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