#10 HOW TO HAVE IT ALL – Four Stories

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.

The story was sad. Anne-Marie Slaughter loved her dream job as director of policy planning at the State Department. But after protracted periods of leaving her two sons and husband at home five days each week while she was in Washington, she realized it wasn’t working.

#9 LEAD – Three Leadership Lessons for Women

Do you consider yourself a leader? Are you raising a leader? What does it even take to be a leader these days?
Unfortunately, as the pretty hilarious DeathStar PR Tweet above states: Some believe it’s about demonstrating power, but when it doesn’t work out too well, then it becomes about how well you can hide mistakes or blame it on others.

As we say in the Frey household: Blame is Lame. And as such, let’s get into the first lesson of true leadership. If you master these three, you’ll be the darling of corporate America, your own company, or the best camp counselor that ever was.

#8 MENTOR: Be a Front Porch Lady Featuring Esther Silver Parker

A dignified, beautiful, African American woman stood at the podium during the Wake Forest Women’s Weekend. All eyes were on Esther Silver-Parker, one of the most senior former executives at Wal-Mart and now president of the Silver-Parker Group. Would she talk about women’s advancement to the C-suite? Would she share her secrets to success? That, she did. And one of them was not at all what we expected.

#4 Power Plays for Women: STRONG COMMUNICATION

You know the Fed Ex commercial where the boss steals the employee’s idea? He justifies the theft because he re-states the idea in a slightly different way. Many women feel like this, and there’s a reason: We tend to weaken our communication and get steam-rolled. Here are some solutions.

#3 Top 10 Power Plays for Women: (STRESS) CONTROL

This post, affectionately known as “Jedi Mind Control for Over Achievers” will first:1. Scare you, because it turns out stress is messing up women’s long-life advantage, then, 2. Teach you solutions that work for actual entrepreneurs.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

#2 Power Plays for Women: BALANCE

Why do we fight so hard for balance? Well, first of all, women who are balanced have higher perceptions of success (Source: Hot Mommas Project national survey). But these women may have something that you don’t. This post is going to share some of their secrets for you