Major Category Winner, MDPT (video): Lynne Silver

Each day… She had stories in her head. Love stories…the kind she loved reading and checked out of the library by the dozen…The library would be hosting a local author giving a talk about becoming a romance author… and the dream to become a professional author began… Read More…

#15b LIVE YOUR VALUES: Your Work Life Solution: Values-Based Balance

When Harvard Business School Professor Howard Stevenson almost died, he woke up to the real meaning of work life balance: It’s about priorities. That is: What is most important to you.

Balancing a bunch of things and expecting A+ results in all of them is a recipie for disaster. Yet, many of us try to do that on a daily basis.

Lydia Fernandes & MotivMode Join the Sisterhood of Success – Tackle Holy Grail (Work-Life Balance)

You’ve often heard us joke (and whine) about balance, but Lydia Fernandes of MotivMode went straight for joy. Her daughters inspire her to find it. Think “tutu.” “My daughter began crying in the mornings about not wanting to take the bus to school….Helping her daughter use that self-awareness to work through…the situation…was this child’s first taste of self-empowerment.” Read More…

From Voice-over Artist to “Kindie” Rock Star: Ashley Albert’s Case

“She blurted out “Ashley Albert has a kids band” and then called me 10 minutes later, hunkered in the corner of her office, saying “Oh my gosh, I don’t even know why I said it- how soon can you put a band together?'”

Student reaction: “The reason Ms. Albert’s case is so inspiring to me is because she doesn’t sugarcoat the truth.”

From the Hot Mommas Project Learning Series: Ashley Albert’s case, “From Dream Job to Dream Job in 1000 Easy Steps

Case themes include: family, confidence, start-up, music , individuality, dreams, change, and balance.

Student contributor: Hot Mommas Project intern and GW graduate Rachel Roizen.

The Hot Mommas Project Learning Series showcases a female role model’s story selected by a student. Role models are tied to women’s success. Read, listen, and learn. More about the Hot Mommas Project here and here. Want to be a featured student? Contact us on Facebook or Twitter.


Multitalented Woman Searches for Professional Niche: Tyra Hilliard’s Case

Welcome to the Hot Mommas Project Learning Series where we showcase a Hot Mommas Project case selected by a student team member or guest.  The series is targeted toward educators and leadership groups seeking authentic role models in addition to business/career lessons.  A complementary podcast accompanies each blog post.  Episodes feature interviews with Hot Mommas Project founder Kathy Korman Frey and student contributors.

Student contributor: GW student and Hot Mommas Project intern Ximena Iacono.

Featured case: Tyra Hilliard’s  “Living with the Professional Itch

Case themes include: family, confidence, moving, careers, change, and balance.


11/18 Event: The “To DON’T” List. Prioritization Secrets of Top Entrepreneurs

Women who are more balanced believe they are more successful. Many entrepreneurs make constant lists of goals, to-dos, and plans. But what DON’T they do? This panel provides a look inside the secret lives of entrepreneurs.

Question and Answer With Shelley Seale

A little bit about the Author:   Shelley Seale is a freelance writer based out of Austin, Texas, but she vagabonds in any part of the world whenever possible. Shelley has written for the Seattle Times, Washington Magazine, the Austin Business Journal, Intrepid Travel and Andrew Harper Traveler Magazine among others, and is the Sustainable Travel Read more about Question and Answer With Shelley Seale[…]

Hot Mommas Teachable Role Model: LaSara Firefox Allen of The Ecstatic Presence Project and Gratitude Games

LaSara Firefox shares with readers why balance was not merely an option for her, it was a necessity. Here’s how she did it as explained in our Hot Mommas Project teachable role models series.

Featured case: LaSara Firefox “Finding Balance in the Extreme: Working With Bipolar Disorder”

Case themes include: Role models, work-life balance, entrepreneurship, career, work-life balance, focus, priorities, mental health, overcoming challenges.