Which Are You a Product of- Your Dreams or Your To Do List?

What happens to your identity as you grow and change?

When we first start out in life, most of us have dreams and aspirations.

At some point we focus in on a target and say to ourselves “yes, that is what I want to be.”

These days that can meet multiple roles – business leader, mother, philanthropist, wife, friend, activist – some believe that in the struggle to get it all done, we lose pieces of ourselves along the way.

Take the case of becoming a mother. It’s a wonderful thing that so many dream of, but if you have a child, you also have to adjust to the fact that it’s not all about you anymore.

And you’re responsible for another life.

What happens when you take on the responsibilities of life, whether it’s caring for a child, running an organization or both? What do you think your own mother went through?

Did she give up her identity to fulfill your needs?  Or was becoming a mother a new identity that took over?

Are you driven by your dreams or your todo list?

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