What are Your Favorite Resources for Continuing Education?

We all know that to continue to grow we must continue to learn. As the web continues to become integral to our daily lives, there seems to be no end to the new mobile apps, websites, and other adult education resources popping up every day. So many in fact, that it’s hard for one person to Read more about What are Your Favorite Resources for Continuing Education?[…]

How Did You Deal with #whyIleft and #whyIstayed at Home?

This summer at Hot Mommas Project, we began a new feature called “Question of the Week” where we pose a question on Facebook and award a free premium course in our upcoming leadership academy to the best, most liked or most discussed answer. This past week, domestic violence was a hot topic online, in response Read more about How Did You Deal with #whyIleft and #whyIstayed at Home?[…]

Celebrating International Women’s Day together

Who Is In Your Sisterhood Circle? We all have women we admire who teach us the true meaning of sisterhood, setting an example that’s the opposite of the mean girl that Kathy talks about in her CNN featured report. This International Women’s Day, express your gratitude to that person by tagging them with our Sisterhood Read more about Celebrating International Women’s Day together[…]