On Becoming Your Editor


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Like many others, first time I heard of the Hot Mommas Project, I wanted to join it. At the time, I didn’t think I had an exciting enough story to tell that could be entered in the case library competition.

And by the time I did? The experience was so raw I had problems getting it down to the required number of words in time.

But I digress.


Coming soon: A central home for our Hot Mommas Project Community

The point is, there was something about the Hot Mommas Project I wanted to belong to at the time. Actually, that’s not quite accurate.

I already felt like I belonged to the Hot Mommas Project, and wanted a place to externally express that. In speaking to other women who have come to one of the HMP events, such as SisU, it slowly dawned on me that I was not the only one. Rather intimidated by Kathy and her accomplishments, I never thought to trouble her with my ramblings on the topic.

Yet in a timely conversation with her earlier this year, at one of those times that seemed like a magical coincidence, Kathy intimated to me that she was working on a top secret project that would address this very desire of the many Hot Mommas Project fans.

At the moment, I can’t tell you what the top secret project is.


What being your Editor entails, now and in the future


What I can tell you is that for it to function, there will have to be an Acting Community Manager and Chief Editor, and I’m honored to have been chosen to fill that role.

You may know that from 2011 to earlier this year, that I was the Editor-in-Chief and Community Leader of Women Grow Business, whose blog was once hosted by Network Solutions and later became a column at Web.com.

However, my experience as a writer goes back to a literary publication I edited in college at the University of Maryland’s Baltimore Campus in the early 90s.

Though you may also know me through the marketing tips I’ve shared through organizations like Vocus and Agent Genius, I’m a writer at heart. And helping others share their experiences through writing is a close second to that first love.

In applying that experience here, I’ll be working with Kathy Korman Frey to bring you things like:

  • access to an online version of Kathy’s famous peer mentoring program

  • a place to share your news and updates with your fellow Hot Mommas Project community members

  • advice from fellow women leaders,

  • more from the world-famous case library of women’s success stories,

  • an introduction to the Women’s Leadership Fellow program,

And of course, more fun things that I can’t tell you about yet. Join the newsletter, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to hear the rest of the news soon.

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