October 18, 2013

Awards Show

Winners of our 2012-2013 Global Case Competition were honored November 2.

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1) Click HERE (and press play on the awards)

2) Download the hotlinked Awards Program read author summaries HERE

3) Support an author for a year with $35, or gather a funding circle to support 10, or 100. You make a huge difference when you move the needle for women and girls – measurably – with access to role models and mentors. Click here We’re the world’s largest library of women’s case studies, digital, and free. Help us stay that way.

Read about us in the November 3 Washington Post

More about the our Awards Announcement:

In 2012 and 2013, women from around the world shared their stories in a structured, teachable format (a case study) with the award-winning women’s education venture: The Hot Mommas Project, the world’s largest women’s case study library. The women shared to serve as mentors and role models, because doing so – research shows – increases the confidence and career success of women and girls. The cases were judged by a prestigious panel of judges. Top Global Winners, Major Category Winners, and Country Winners were selected. Watch parties took place around the world November 2- get in on the after-party.

The women and their stories are inspirational.

Please come meet them. Learn from them. And celebrate.

Initial surveying has showed us holding of a watch party revealed an average confidence boost of attendees of 37%.

Feel inspired of gathering around and learning about these women? You decide.

How to get involved:

  • Follow the stream today (or hold an “after-party”)
  • Support a case author, or sponsor several case authors, a section of our awards program, or an awards category.
  • Hold a watch party, and take a leadership role in celebrating mentors and role models – a proven factor in career success for girls and women.
    • What is a watch party? Imagine a SuperBowl or World Cup parties all over the world for a great cause. Prizes will be offered for the best Watch Party Pics tweeted to with the hashtag #hmp13. Read more. FAQs.


Global Top Winners from Canada: Michelle Lochan, Kuwait: Eman Al-Awadhi, US: Kathy Wilson


The Hot Mommas Project is the world’s women’s largest case study library featuring stories of our moms, sisters, aunts, and friends as role models and mentors. Why? Research shows “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.”

Our teaching tools, in seminar and online class form, increase confidence up to 200% – the only known curriculum to do this in the world. We are the recipient of a national Coleman Foundation Case Award.

We are included in the mission of the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence at the George Washington School of Business where our founder teaches the nationally award-winning Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership.

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