What’s a Hot Mommas Project Watch Party?

What is a Hot Mommas Project watch party? We’ve taken our typical one-location awards announcement and “disrupted it.” We are now streaming from Washington, DC to you in your home town. The ripple effect? Hundreds of Super Bowl / World Cup parties will take place all over the world to celebrate the mentors and role models in our lives.

When: Saturday, November 2, at noon EST (Washington, DC time). Sign up for a digital ticket here for the link to be sent to you to watch.

How: After you receive your link…

1) Sit down in front of your computer on Saturday, November 2, at 12 noon Washington, DC (EST time).

2) Attend a watch party in your area (see below for watch parties that people make public).

3) Invite a group and host a watch party. Lead. Be an ambassador for role models and mentors. Here’s how.

  • Winners and finalists – you should have been contacted separately. If have not received our emails, please contact us immediately.
  • Friends of the Hot Mommas Project – please tune in, sign up here, and throw a watch party. Share your plan below.

Why: Research shows that exposure to networks, mentors, and role models increases career success for women. We know women create wealth and prosperity where they are able to excel: In corporations, in countries where entrepreneurship is encouraged, in homes…where women make 85 percent of all household purchasing decisions. If it starts with the exposure to role models and mentors…then, let’s start there.

That’s what the Hot Mommas Project is about:

Scalable, free, global access to mentors and role models anytime, anywhere

via our case study library which is the world’s largest of its kind

On November 2, at 12 noon Washington, DC time (EST), we celebrate the women who dedicated their time and effort to serve as mentors and role models for all of us.

Thank you, in advance.

Now, let’s get this party started.

Get ready to plug into a world-wide network of women on November 2.


1) Be sure to list your watch party plans below

How to hook up your computer to a TV, long-standing childhood issues, and other FAQs addressed in this:

2) WATCH PARTY FAQs page: click here.

3) Don’t forget to Sign up!

Prizes for Watch Party Pics Tweeted at #hmp13