Do Mean Girls Exist Outside of High School?

Exciting news! Today Hot Mommas Project starts a “Question of the Week” series on Facebook. We’ll be asking you to gague the feeling of our community on today’s hot topics, to see if our instincts match what the headlines often claim they should be. Our first topic, is one we think everyone can relate to Read more about Do Mean Girls Exist Outside of High School?[…]

Building a World Where a Sisterhood of Success Replaces Mean Girls

Research shows that around age 11, girls can begin to experience deficits in what is called “self-efficacy.” In layperson’s terms, this is the feeling of “I can do that.” It doesn’t stop there. As the instructor of a nationally award winning women’s leadership course, I’m called into corporations where I hear about…well…grown up versions of “Mean Girls.” Is there a connection to that 11 year-old?