Homework for #SisU2012: What Happens in a World Without Obstacles?

By Kathy Korman Frey Participants in the the award-winning Hot Mommas Project Sisterhood of Success (SisU) Academy got a homework assignment today. It is is inspired by a familiar fairy tale-slash-nightmare I will also talk about on Dr. Phil Dembo‘s radio show tonight. (Access @LATalkRadio. Access the recording). Out of it came a great exercise that changed Read more about Homework for #SisU2012: What Happens in a World Without Obstacles?[…]

Health Care Exec Quits Corporate Job to Empower Other Women: Jennifer Moore’s Case

Welcome to the Hot Mommas Project Learning Series where we showcase a Hot Mommas Project case selected by a student team member or  guest.  The series is targeted toward educators and leadership groups seeking authentic role models in addition to business/career lessons.  A complementary podcast accompanies each blog post.  Episodes feature interviews with Hot Mommas Project founder Kathy Korman Frey and student contributors.

Student contributor: GW student and Hot Mommas Project intern Ximena Iacono.

Featured case: Jennifer Moore’s “When Success is No Longer Enough

Case themes include: family, confidence, goals, careers, change, and balance.


Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time #10: How We Are Getting Press & Buzz

Let’s continue our discussion of how to do marketing and pr, shall we? Especially since Esther and I spent all %*$#i day organizing our email folders since we are so overwhelmed by the response to our project (good) and seem to have had the email-organization part of our brains partially lobotomized (bad). We are a Read more about Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time #10: How We Are Getting Press & Buzz[…]

Calling all Hot Mommas – DC Area Pilot

Dear Hot Mommas out there…a recent post from Eveyln has fast forwarded an objective of our project: Local Hot Mommas(TM)Groups. If you are following this link from Craig’s List, please see www.HotMommas.org for additional project information. Here is a summary of Eveyln’s post, followed by the DC PILOT info: “I recently discovered Kimberly’s [of Hip Read more about Calling all Hot Mommas – DC Area Pilot[…]