Calling all Hot Mommas – DC Area Pilot

Dear Hot Mommas out there…a recent post from Eveyln has fast forwarded an objective of our project: Local Hot Mommas(TM)Groups. If you are following this link from Craig’s List, please see for additional project information. Here is a summary of Eveyln’s post, followed by the DC PILOT info:

“I recently discovered Kimberly’s [of Hip Tranquil Chick] podcasts and I have been listening to old episodes to catch up. I heard your show yesterday and it rocked my world! This morning I took a minute to check, and now I see your post on African American women (I’m one myself). I think I’ve found another fave site. I will go do the survey and work my way through the toolkit, but what I’d really love is to find a group of Hot Mommas that I can get involved with. Are there active groups in the DC area?”

***************CALLING ALL DC-AREA HOT MOMMAS*****************

Who: Seeking motivated career women balancing multiple priorities; located in the DC area.

What: Hot Mommas(TM) Project PILOT group – October 17th at the George Washington University from 8 to 10.30 am.

How: Your personal board of advisors format. This means a best-practices roundtable where participants will come prepared to share, as well as take away action-oriented solutions to a top business or business/personal challenge. Participants will be pre-surveyed to determine agenda for maximum personal relevance. Typical topics include:

– Personal topics: Goal setting, personal competitive advantage, balancing multiple priorities, success as a mental battle, “Getting to 10” – How to improve your Life Business Model (Click here for samples of beta toolkits.)

– Professional topics: Planning and measuring performance, establishing mentors and boards, day-to-day financial management, growth and scaling a business/business unit, new idea creation and execution, sales and marketing systems, and other group-determined challenges/issues. (Click here for samples of business/personal focused case studies).

Where: The George Washington University, Foggy Bottom Campus. Detailed room information to follow.

When: Wednesday, October 17th from 8 to 10.30am. (Note: If you are interested in the group but cannot make this time slot, please email to get on list of future/virtual groups).

Cost: There is no cost. This is a free pilot group. Participants may be required provide feedback and complete pre- and post-session surveys.

Project Overview: The Hot Mommas(TM) Project is a research and curricula project tasked with developing tools for high-achieving women. These women are part of a growing trend: Making their own rules for business and life, or – as we like to say – “Life Business Model.” For this pilot group we are seeking women who consider themselves to be career focused, but have and continue to seek ways to balance multiple priorities and goals in their life.

If you would like to meet other individuals interested in making their own rules, please post a comment and email us at