Hot Mommas Project Announces SisU2012 Panelists

For Immediate Release HOT MOMMAS ® PROJECT ANNOUNCES DIVERSE PANELISTS FOR GROUND BREAKING WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Fortune’s most powerful entrepreneur, Mixology CEO and former semi pro soccer player, association spokeperson and SBA senior exec to mentor women September 29th at the GW School of Business Washington, D.C.  — The nationally award-winning Hot Mommas Project represents Read more about Hot Mommas Project Announces SisU2012 Panelists[…]

$20 for first tickets to our #SisU2012 Academy

It’s a joy to see the tickets fly out since we’ve announced this special deal made possible by Bernstein Family Foundation and the GW School of Business Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

Half of the tickets to #SisU2012 were gone in about five hours. Incredible.

Students: Don’t worry, we’ll be setting aside a block for you. We know you’re not back from break yet.

So here’s the opportunity:

$20 for first 100 tickets to our #SisU2012 Academy in DC at GWU.

Get in on it here while supplies last.

The Whip: Celebrate Social Justice, Women’s Leadership, and Win

The Hot Mommas Project and Women Grow Business are celebrating actress / author Karen Kondazian’s June 18th Book Signing in DC at Barnes and Noble, Union Station at 5pm. If you continue to read, you’ll see what an amazing book this is for women and social justice. We’re giving away 10 FREE copies of The Whip for bloggers today + a free admission to the nationally award-winning Hot Mommas Project Digital Classroom for attendees of the book signing.

Blog Mentoring: Are You Organizing the Proverbial Sock Drawer?

This Saturday, March 10 is Guerrilla Mentoring at the George Washington University. This is part of our SisU learning series where in women share a goal or a challenge and get feedback in a very specialized manner. What is your goal or challenge for 2012?

Guerrilla Mentoring: Go Baby Go, We’re Right Behind You

Women were packed, standing room only, into the Hot Mommas® Project Guerrilla™ Mentoring event (at a major discount – thanks to our partner the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence). For two hours, they’d get help on their own goals and issues, and help others.

Can Just One Person Make a Difference for Women and Girls? Rachel Eberhardt Says Yes, and Leads the Way as Sis U Winner

Do you think just one person can make a difference for women and girls?  Last week, the Hot Mommas Project launched a contest for tickets to our ground-breaking women’s leadership half-day bootcamp: Sis U. We’ve cracked the code on confidence and can measurably improve it. Our research shows : It’s ALL about confidence ladies. Strangely, Read more about Can Just One Person Make a Difference for Women and Girls? Rachel Eberhardt Says Yes, and Leads the Way as Sis U Winner[…]

Free #sisUdc tickets! xoxo, The Hot Mommas Project

For one week, starting today, we’re running a contest for the fantastic women in your life. Sis U is our proven half-day seminar that combines groundbreaking research with the best practices in women’s leadership education.