Guerrilla Mentoring: Go Baby Go, We’re Right Behind You

By Kathy Korman Frey, CHM: @ChiefHotMomma

Go baby go, we’re right behind you.”

These words of  Shirley Manson, lead singer of Garbage, perfectly describe the mojo of January 28 at the GW School of Business.

Women were packed, standing room only, into the Hot Mommas Project Guerrilla Mentoring event (at a major discount – thanks to our partner the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence). For two hours, they’d get help on their own goals and issues, and help others. In four speed-round cycles, the chatter cycled and escalated. After two rounds, I  – the facilitator – took a vote:

Who wants to take a break now?

Not one hand went up. Not one.


We continued on for the last two speed rounds.

30 seconds,” I called out. “And….. done!” “Team member number three, you’re up.

And so it went, like a drill sargeant of sorts, I called out to these women, and they loved it.

The were in. They were up. They were on.

They tweeted during and after,

I’m glad I have downtime, I have a lot of thinking to do. That was powerful!”

Too much fabulousnessness, the power of women is awesome!” said another.

We’re starting our own group after today!” said another.

What’s fabulous, is these women.

Who shows up on a Saturday morning ready to rock? Ready to invest in their future, and the futures of others? I ask you, who does this?

If you want a little taste without going to an event, read this article in on Guerrilla™ Mentoring I recently wrote inspired by these great women. Want to see what it’s like in the words of an attendee? Read the next post.

Why Guerrilla™ Mentoring is so great: Guerrilla Mentoring is the Hot Mommas® Project special process. We take something that normally takes four months, and a million-dollar plus company to do. We bring it to everyone, and do it in two hours. We’ve worked on it and perfected it – and been in those million dollar groups – over the past 10 years. Now we bring it to you. But not everyone is ready for this. We need women with goals. Women ready to hustle. Women ready to help others. Are you in?

Go baby.

See you at the next event.