#49 – 15 Needles Goal Setting: Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

When I sat down to do the 2014 goals and planning for the Hot Mommas Project, somehow, I knew it was going to be different….I shaped my four major 2014 goal categories around the experience that day, pretty much violating every covenant of planning.

#48 The Guide to Hitting it Big: Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

Grampy used to say, “You make your own luck.”
Here’s the equation for:

making your own luck, and
hitting it big
based on:

some observations I’ve made over the years both in and out of MBA,
working on a venture-funded business, M&A, other forms of self-torture, and
teaching and learning from thousands of entrepreneurs.

#47-Coping with Failure and Challenge: How to Build a Million Dollar Business Part Time

Have you ever turned away from a goal, without trying, because you thought you couldn’t do it?

Entrepreneurs fail a little every day.

How? Always experimenting, not knowing if it will work, and having to pivot and get back up again. But what about the BIG ONES? The big, ugly, massive failures that start to sink in? What do you do?

#45 Escaping the Email Vortex of Death via Auto Responder

There’s a trend in our country: We’re busy, but we’re not accomplishing anything. My worst enemy in this battle over time is the “Email Vortex of Death.” Here is my email auto responder as of today.

#44 Pimp Your Pitch – 10 Words to Turn Bo-ring into Cha-ching with Sam Horn- Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

DO PEOPLE DROOL WHEN YOU TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?(But, not in a good way. More like a catatonic way. In this post, you will learn along with HotMommasProject.org as we undergo messaging bootcamp. Gone will be the unsavory reactions!

#43 You’re Cheap, I’m Lonely, Let’s Hang Out – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

Being a solopreneur can be lonely. There are 7.8 million female entrepreneurs (i.e. women-owned businesses in the US). 6.9 million of these have no employees. So ladies, it’s just us. Everyday.

#42 Stress Solutions, Drag Queens, and Putting Fun Back in Business – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

Today I watched performers from RuPaul’s “Drag Race” show on a reality show “The Arrangement” which is about floral designers. It’s basically Project Runway meets flowers. You know what struck me, in addition to how gorgeous these drag queens were: They were having FUN

#41 “If My Head Explodes, You Guys Need to Hold Down the Fort” – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

By Kathy Korman Frey

I think I’ve finally discovered the ultimate delegation plan for women: Your head explodes.  If your head explodes then, clearly, you are other otherwise occupied and the people around you have to start doing things that you previously did. Right now my head is at risk of exploding. I am unsure if these are real adult-onset migraines or if I was too overwhelmed some revenue projections I ran last week.  With the two brain cells I have left, I started delegating stuff to my team since the headache seems to be moving in like John Belushi, the over-stayed houseguest in the old SNLs.



#40b – How My Failure Almost Went Viral – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

By Kathy Korman Frey

So, here’s where the last post ended:  I’m in the copy room at Funger 315, I realize my Powerpoint presentation displays as Gobbledygook,  I have no workbooks (“printer warming up”), there’s a lobby full of attendees downstairs, and I have two minutes until I’m supposed to begin speaking.

Oh, yeah, and a bunch of the folks in the audience are social media folks.

This failure is about to go viral. […]