Hot Mommas Project Honors Role Models and Mentors in Global Streamed Telecast 11.2

By @ChiefHotMomma

We’re getting pretty excited around the Hot Mommas Project in preparation for our November 2 webcast.


I think a couple conversations sum it up best.


Conversation #1.

It started like this:

Me: Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

Team: Good news first.

Me: The judges’ scores are in. Our winners are outstanding. Really outstanding.

Team: What’s the bad news.

Me: There is only one winner from the US. Having an awards ceremony at The George Washington University again this year seems totally ridiculous. We’re going to have to up our game.

And, thus began the discussions of the web-telecast Hot Mommas Project Awards Announcement with Hot Mommas Watch Parties taking place all over the world. So far, and should we be surprised, we’ve heard of champagne-themed parties, media being invited, international pot-lucks, and can’t wait to hear about more. We’re offering some prizes for the best pictures tweeted with #hmp13.

Conversation #2

Me (to my 7 year-old daughter): Well sweetie, we’re going to be having a Hot Mommas Project party here in a couple weekends where we give out awards.

My daughter: Can I be a model and dress up?

Me: Well sweetie, Hot Mommas is less about how you look and more about being smart. Hot Mommas is really what we call a “play on words.”

My daughter: Then can I do a math problem?

Me: Sure!

So, those of you coming to my DC watch party, don’t be surprised if my daughter wants to stop everything, and do a math problem for us.

This is, of course, completely in keeping with the Hot Mommas Project flavor. A feminist literature professor who advises us once told me, “The new feminism is about having a sense of humor, and taking power – not asking. Not apologizing. I had not thought about feminism, to be honest, just what was needed in education. But, it was good to know turning a bra into an incendiary device was not necessary. I laughed at the professor’s comments, having come from such a conservative DC consulting background. My twitter handle STILL shocks me, even today. But, I practice – daily – being bold and not hiding.

Let’s do it.

November 2 – you in?

I am looking forward, personally, to this day because it’s something I believe in. I am very good at supporting things other people believe in. I take pride in that. But, November 2 is for me.


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