Haute Mama in the City Thinks We’re Worthy

Holy compliment of compliments.

The chic-ly (is this a word?) honest “Haute Momma in the City” has deemed the Hot Mommas Project’s SisU 2012 Academy worthy. Really worthy. And she drops some Yiddish in her post. How funny is she?

#SisU2013 will take place in October of 2013. In the meantime, below are some highlight quotes : A real testament to the sheer quality of the people who come to our events. Thank you, HMIC (Haute Mama in the City – @HauteMamaDC) for noticing, and loving them as much as we do. You are a great partner, advocate, and Hot Momma!

Selected quotes from Haute Mama In The City post about The SisU 2012 & The Hot Mommas Project.

saturday i attended an event that changed my life.

i know i can be a bit dramatic 🙂 but i truly mean it…

…first of all, the energy in the room was nothing like anything i have ever experienced at any other seminar….

…there was an amazing panel of women who were fabulous, real, and honest and gave meaningful advice from their hearts….

… i have never been so moved and inspired while in a room full of strangers.  oddly, i felt like although these women didn’t know me, they cared about my success.  they cared about whether or not i achieved my goals, and really wanted to help by sharing their experiences….

…I attended with a few of my girlfriends and we left sisU so excited about life.  we couldn’t stop talking about new and exciting ideas and how we can really begin to execute them.

Read the entire post HERE.


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