#17a: WORK SMART – 10 Tips to Save Time and Money

By @ChiefHotMomma. This is part of the Power Plays series. Today I spoke at the amazing Year Up, a highly-selective program which “empowers urban talent to reach their potential” through an intensive technical skills training program. I told the group I’d put together some materials to follow up my talk, and this post is part Read more about #17a: WORK SMART – 10 Tips to Save Time and Money[…]

#15a: DELEGATE – Your Work Life Solution

Businesses often prepare for worst case scenarios. What if the CEO gets hit by a bus?…How SEVERE an analogy does it take for you to “let go” and pass off responsibility? Enter: The “If I Died” List. Take Xandra, for example. There Xandra sat …in her car.. in the parking lot…outside the hospital. “I’m in labor,” she texted from her Blackberry: Still wired, still connected. Xandra is still alive and well today, but…really people…

What is wrong with this picture?