Haute Mama in the City Thinks We’re Worthy

Holy compliment of compliments. The chic-ly (is this a word?) honest “Haute Momma in the City” has deemed the Hot Mommas Project’s SisU 2012 Academy worthy. Really worthy. And she drops some Yiddish in her post. How funny is she? #SisU2013 will take place in October of 2013. In the meantime, below are some highlight Read more about Haute Mama in the City Thinks We’re Worthy[…]

Homework for #SisU2012: What Happens in a World Without Obstacles?

By Kathy Korman Frey Participants in the the award-winning Hot Mommas Project Sisterhood of Success (SisU) Academy got a homework assignment today. It is is inspired by a familiar fairy tale-slash-nightmare I will also talk about on Dr. Phil Dembo‘s radio show tonight. (Access @LATalkRadio. Access the recording). Out of it came a great exercise that changed Read more about Homework for #SisU2012: What Happens in a World Without Obstacles?[…]

$20 for first tickets to our #SisU2012 Academy

It’s a joy to see the tickets fly out since we’ve announced this special deal made possible by Bernstein Family Foundation and the GW School of Business Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

Half of the tickets to #SisU2012 were gone in about five hours. Incredible.

Students: Don’t worry, we’ll be setting aside a block for you. We know you’re not back from break yet.

So here’s the opportunity:

$20 for first 100 tickets to our #SisU2012 Academy in DC at GWU.

Get in on it here while supplies last.