Regional Winner, United States: Kara Vanderpool Ward

The best plan I could ever have is to simply learn to bend and snap….it is the meaning that is the same -be open to possibility, deal with change no matter how minor or drastic, and make quick decisions when needed. In essence it is the very reason that in the midst of all my existing and overwhelming responsibility I launched my own company. Read More…

7 Quick Steps to Start a Business (For Less Than $200 Bucks!) Cheap and Free Ways to Start A Business

A new entrepreneur is is pulling the trigger and starting her own business. Starting today, we will track her progress with a series of posts. This post focuses on Seven Steps for Getting Started. All of the seven start up steps mentioned in this post be accomplished for less than $200.

Microsoft Digs Chicks

There are a bunch of events getting women to go “rah rah” and start a business. Right? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But, sometimes it is hard to know which ones are good vs slimy. Here is one that looks great for a couple reasons: 1. Microsoft is sponsoring, and they don’t put Read more about Microsoft Digs Chicks[…]