What’s So Great About Women Entrepreneurs? Here’s What.

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By Kathy Korman Frey

Recently, BNET blogger Mark Henricks wrote a post onWhy It’s Time to Stop Giving Women Entrepreneurs Special Help.”  It’s not time to stop giving women entrepreneurs special help, but, it’s still a great discussion to have. […]

Women’s Business Fact Sheet

By Kathy Korman Frey Updated May 2, 2016 Below is a list of facts I find most interesting for women in business. Enjoy, and subscribe to this blog for frequent updates. As of April 15, 2015 there are 23 female CEOs in the Fortune 500, 46 in the 1000, for a total of 4.6% in both the Read more about Women’s Business Fact Sheet[…]

Women Making More Time for Themselves

I was surprised to read this report summary which indicates that the gap that exists in 'leisure time' between men and women is closing. Women are making more time for themselves. Nice me: "Oh! Great!"Evil me: "Well, that's what happens when you start from zero." Check out the summary here:http://www.food-business-review.com/research.asp?guid=DMCM4616 Although, as I am blogging Read more about Women Making More Time for Themselves[…]

Work-Life Balance Research #1: Women Who Are Balanced Feel More Successful

Welcome to the first in a series releasing preliminary findings from the Hot Mommas Project National Mentor Survey. What: The Hot Mommas Project produces curricula for dynamic women leaders. Our case studies serve as role models on paper for girls and women around the globe. Where: We are housed at the George Washington University School Read more about Work-Life Balance Research #1: Women Who Are Balanced Feel More Successful[…]