#14 FIND SUPPORT – Power Plays for Women: Behind Every Woman is a Supportive Partner

When the Hot Mommas Project and the George Washington School of Business Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence did a national survey of 269 high-drive working women, it was in the midst of the opting out media firestorm. It was clear what wasn’t working. The story that wasn’t being told was this: What WAS working?

The Opting Out Crock #2

As someone who has grown up surrounded by legal folk, I am loving this law Blog by Nicole Black: http://nylawblog.typepad.com/women_lawyers/2008/03/law-firms-new-p.html for female lawyers. We know, as Black points out, there is a disparity between the percentage of women getting advanced degrees and the percentage of women in senior positions (e.g. Partner). This seems to fuel Read more about The Opting Out Crock #2[…]