#15b LIVE YOUR VALUES: Your Work Life Solution: Values-Based Balance

When Harvard Business School Professor Howard Stevenson almost died, he woke up to the real meaning of work life balance: It’s about priorities. That is: What is most important to you.

Balancing a bunch of things and expecting A+ results in all of them is a recipie for disaster. Yet, many of us try to do that on a daily basis.

Mom Crusades for Social Justice and Environmental Reform: Tina Williams’ Case

Welcome to the Hot Mommas Project Learning Series where we showcase a Hot Mommas Project case selected by a student team member or guest.  The series is targeted toward educators and leadership groups seeking authentic role models in addition to business/career lessons.  A complementary podcast accompanies each blog post.  Episodes feature interviews with Hot Mommas Project founder Kathy Korman Frey and student contributors.

Student contributor: GW student and Hot Mommas Project intern Madison Cooke.

Featured case: Tina Williams’ “An Every Day Erin Brockovich

Case themes include: social justice, professional accountability, personal accountability, and environmental reform.