#11 Case Study: Why Women Bosses Shouldn’t Permit Challenges to Their Authority

Janetta was a star employee. Two years ago she had been hired by her contracting firm out of a top school. She spoke a foreign language. She was assigned all the top projects. She was promoted. But in her new role, she encountered the most unlikely of push-back: From her trainer.

Women Making More Time for Themselves

I was surprised to read this report summary which indicates that the gap that exists in 'leisure time' between men and women is closing. Women are making more time for themselves. Nice me: "Oh! Great!"Evil me: "Well, that's what happens when you start from zero." Check out the summary here:http://www.food-business-review.com/research.asp?guid=DMCM4616 Although, as I am blogging Read more about Women Making More Time for Themselves[…]