#14 FIND SUPPORT – Power Plays for Women: Behind Every Woman is a Supportive Partner

When the Hot Mommas Project and the George Washington School of Business Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence did a national survey of 269 high-drive working women, it was in the midst of the opting out media firestorm. It was clear what wasn’t working. The story that wasn’t being told was this: What WAS working?

Jen Sterling and Red Thinking Join Sisterhood of Success, Rock Mentors, Scale Business

Let us count the ways we heart Jen Sterling, founder of Red Thinking. Boy does this woman know how to rock the mentors. “Jen hung up the phone in her office at Red Thinking, a branding and marketing company. Her company is experiencing “growing pains” yet again and it is time to make important decisions. Balancing scale, identity and time available.The clock was ticking.” Read More…

How to make more money, be more successful, and have more fun in 2012

I’m in a group called “Circle.” Here, each month, eight of us confide about business and personal matters to trusted advisors. It pretty much rocks. Kassie Rempel is one of the members. Today, I received what I deemed a “Circle 911” from another member of the group.

#44 Pimp Your Pitch – 10 Words to Turn Bo-ring into Cha-ching with Sam Horn- Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

DO PEOPLE DROOL WHEN YOU TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?(But, not in a good way. More like a catatonic way. In this post, you will learn along with HotMommasProject.org as we undergo messaging bootcamp. Gone will be the unsavory reactions!

#40b – How My Failure Almost Went Viral – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

By Kathy Korman Frey

So, here’s where the last post ended:  I’m in the copy room at Funger 315, I realize my Powerpoint presentation displays as Gobbledygook,  I have no workbooks (“printer warming up”), there’s a lobby full of attendees downstairs, and I have two minutes until I’m supposed to begin speaking.

Oh, yeah, and a bunch of the folks in the audience are social media folks.

This failure is about to go viral. […]

#40 Surviving a Business Crisis – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

In my days as an analyst in the merger and acquisition/competitive analysis industry, I would listen with utter shock as heads of major corporations would pour their “business hearts” out to my team.  Product x was lagging in sales, and consumers hated it. They asked us for help.  They were getting killed by a foreign competitor. Could we help them? We were the business therapists for corporate America. I always wondered if they spoke this way to everyone, or just a select few. Whatever the methodology, they seemed clear on one thing:  Our clients had the wisdom to realize they must confront reality, to change reality. […]

Summary of Posts 1 – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

As I mentioned in the Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time Intro Post, I am now sharing this previously somewhat-secret blog with the inside scoop of the Hot Mommas Project. I will have a “Million Dollar Biz-Part Time” category here starting today. Subscribe at the right. The below is retroactively posted from November 28, 2008. It’s a “Cliffs Notes” of the posts and my learnings between March and November 2008. Whew! A lot of challenges, but, ultimately success. […]