November 3, 2016

Syllabus: Women’s Business Leadership Online Course


The following major modules will be covered providing you an opportunity to be a fly on the wall in a condensed version of one of the world’s top women’s leadership courses. Hard-hitting highlights, practical information, you can use tomorrow.

  • 1. Million Dollar Creativity Tools – Funny people make more money. Did you know that? Learn about that, and more as you are walked through a “how to” of a million dollar tool used by many successful execs and entrepreneurs around the world. You’ll experience it here in 13 minutes. Tune into supplemental materials for current research and inspirational case studies and articles on creativity. Creativity is NOT just for business. It’s for family, community, and staying mentally sharp.
  • 2. Pitch Practice – Some rank public speaking as a greater fear than death. This module focuses on breaking any barriers and putting your best foot forward. Your field assignment will be pitching your idea from lesson 1 to a trusted friend or advisor, and receiving feedback.
  • 3. Big Game Hunting – This term, invented by marketing queen of a media empire (CBS Radio) tells us not just to sell, but sell big. Not just think, but think big. The question is: What are you selling? And thinking? Play big in a safe and fun environment here.
  • 4. Success Factors for the Future – Some of the old basics are still needed to be successful. Some skills we need to refine and adapt. We’ll review a top five to keeping up with the G-force.
  • 5. Guerrilla Mentoring –  There is a right way and wrong way to do mentoring. There is also a fun way and a boring way. Guess which ones you’ll learn here? Along with key data on the “how” and “how many” of mentoring. You’ll feel re-invigorated by your class assignment.
  • 6. Negotiation & Communication –  This class makes people more money. Need we say more? New research is out on negotiation, and how collaboration plays a key part. Communication is a key part of this, and “communication weakeners” (are you using them?) will be discussed.
    • Value Spreadsheet – As a special subset to Negotiation and Communication, learn to put your value on paper in a suprising way. A former Leadership Academy attendee shared her value spreadsheet with her highly-logical, tough-minded boss and he said, “I can find no flaw in your reasoning. You have earned the promotion.” We’ve also had a veteran make the connection between her military and private sector skills using this exercise. 
  • 7 & 8. Leadership 1 and 2– People say “leadership” but how do you really make the connection between that role model, that mentor, that person in the corner office or in the basement changing the lives of her family and clients? We’ve adapted an exercise from the Harvard School of Education that will take you into the front seat of your own leadership vision. Also, in bonus materials, we learn key facts about women, leadership, and the economy. We’re kind of a big deal.
  • 9. Be a Mentor – You will engage in a field assignment ranging from the easy: “Text someone” to the more in-depth “Meet with someone” and share your feedback. The impact of this exercise is astounding, and we’ll learn from the experience of Professor Frey’s students who made measurable differences in a another woman’s life in the course of a day.
  • 10. The big Kahuna – High Level Networking & Partnerships – Power brokering & time hacking. Learn how leaders form deals & partnerships for lasting success. Also, what do the tippity tops do about work life balance. We get real, about people, lives, work, and how we make them go together along with access to our “unbook club” interview with some inspirational case examples.
  • Master class (NEW)! To conclude our semester, we’ll hear from Theresa Alfaro Daytner, one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, on how she did it. A Latina with six kids and a multi-million dollar construction company… Trust us, she’s got some learnings to share.