So You’ve Been Nominated… Now What?

Updated 3.7.13: NEW  “Finishing School” case coaching on 3/14 and 3/19 – see below.

First of all, congratulations on your nomination as a role model for girls and women in The Hot Mommas Project’s 2012-2013 Case Competition! (Not nominated? Click here). Every case that we collect serves as a valuable teaching tool for women all over the world, and we are very excited to have you contribute to what is already the world’s largest Women’s Case Study Library! At this point you may be thinking “Okay, I’ve been nominated. Now what?”Luckily you can find the answer to that question below.


Already a Hot Mommas author? Consider writing your B Case. The instructions are in our “MOST RECENT WEBINAR” instructions packet below.


1.) Learn about us.

  • If you haven’t already, learn more about the Hot Mommas Project and our case competition here. There are many valuable resources on this site that will help you get started.

2.) See sample cases.

  • If you’re looking for inspiration for your case, check out some of our 2009/2010 and 2011 winners and their cases.

3.) Recorded coaching webinars for authors. “Finishing School” Coaching 3/14 and 3/19

  • You’ll be sharing your story as a mentor and role model. Want some help getting the ball rolling? Have our most recent webinars emailed to your inbox. Request them here.
  • If you have your case drafted by March 14th or 19th and want feedback, sign up for the “Finishing School Coaching Sessions” with Kathy at 12 noon EST. (NOTE: These sessions are free, as is our entire case library, but you must load up your case and click “publish” in step #7 prior to the call for Kathy to view it. You can change your case until midnight EST March 22.)

4.) I’m ready to write – where to I go? and login.

  • Once you are ready to write your case, go to and click on the “create a new case” link. From there you will be asked to create an account if you haven’t already. Once you make your account and log in you will be taken to the case wizard which will give further instructions on how to write your case and you’ll be good to go!


Here is a list of remaining dates to keep in mind:

  • (DONE!) February 1 & 13, 2013: Author coaching sessions (recorded – nominees sign up here to have them emailed to you).
  • (DONE!!) February 10th, 2013 (Sunday): Early bird submission deadline #1
  • (DONE!!) February 24th, 2013 (Sunday): **Early bird submission deadline #2** (Hit “Publish” by 12 midnight EST for chance to win gifts from friends of the Hot Mommas Project project $100 SEPHORA gift card and a $50 gift of Alchemie Swiss Skin products in celebration of their founder’s March 1 appearance on Shop NBC.
  • March 1-8, 2013: International Women’s Day Nomination Role Models Rock. Proud of the Women in Your Life? Share the Hot Mommas Project Role Model post that day with them and give them a shout out leading up to International Women’s Day. See starting March 1. This is for fun.
  • Finishing School Coaching Sessions 3/14 and 3/19 at noon EST. Get feedback and put the finishing touches on your case. While Kathy Korman Frey (our founder) is NOT a judge, she can give pretty good feedback on what goes into a good case having read all of them. REGISTER.
  • FRIDAY March 22, 2013 (Friday): Final submission deadline – all cases in 12 midnight U.S. EST

Then what?

  • APRIL: Judging
  • MAY: Announcement of winners
  • FALL 2013: Winners honored at ceremony in Washington, DC


  • To be entered into the SEPHORA, Alchemie, or LillyU prize pools, submit your case early (February 10 Midnight EST or February 24 Midnight EST). Click “Publish” and your name will be entered. Cases can be changed up until March 22, midnight – the final case deadline.
  • ALL cases submitted before the regular deadline that proceed to finals will be entered to win the grand prize: Having your case published in an upcoming edition of a major Prentice Hall textbook!

If you have any questions on any aspect of the competition, feel free to contact Hope Baber at Good luck writing your case and congratulations again on being nominated to participate in such an exciting part of women’s educational history!

Sincerely, Kathy Korman Frey & The Hot Mommas Project Team

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