#48 The Guide to Hitting it Big: Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

Grampy used to say, “You make your own luck.”
Here’s the equation for:

making your own luck, and
hitting it big
based on:

some observations I’ve made over the years both in and out of MBA,
working on a venture-funded business, M&A, other forms of self-torture, and
teaching and learning from thousands of entrepreneurs.

Haute Mama in the City Thinks We’re Worthy

Holy compliment of compliments. The chic-ly (is this a word?) honest “Haute Momma in the City” has deemed the Hot Mommas Project’s SisU 2012 Academy worthy. Really worthy. And she drops some Yiddish in her post. How funny is she? #SisU2013 will take place in October of 2013. In the meantime, below are some highlight Read more about Haute Mama in the City Thinks We’re Worthy[…]

What Questions Do You Have from #SisU2012?

SisU 2012 was tons of fun, learning, connection, and support. Our panelists rocked the house. Then attendees did the same by book-ending with their goals, and  then a mini Guerrilla Mentoring Session + giving back  exercise (to self and others). Here, Gaynell and I joke about whether she can feel the top of my SPANX Read more about What Questions Do You Have from #SisU2012?[…]

Hot Mommas Project Announces SisU2012 Panelists

For Immediate Release HOT MOMMAS ® PROJECT ANNOUNCES DIVERSE PANELISTS FOR GROUND BREAKING WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Fortune’s most powerful entrepreneur, Mixology CEO and former semi pro soccer player, association spokeperson and SBA senior exec to mentor women September 29th at the GW School of Business Washington, D.C.  — The nationally award-winning Hot Mommas Project represents Read more about Hot Mommas Project Announces SisU2012 Panelists[…]

Today is National Auntie’s Day, and My Aunt Rocks. Big Time

By Kathy Korman Frey On the way there, to my aunt and uncle’s, I’d sit in the back of their car – in the middle where I was sure not to miss anything. Sharon would belt out the Cher AND Sonny parts of the Sonny and Cher “I Got You Babe” on the 8 track. Read more about Today is National Auntie’s Day, and My Aunt Rocks. Big Time[…]

Who Inspires You?

Jill is my sister-in-law. She pretty much rocks. Jill is the person who makes milk come out your nose. She is the person who people turn and say ‘who’s that?’ when she walks into a party. She’s got it. She’s got the energy. And she doesn’t abuse it. She’s Jill. You just love her already. Rewind to 1996…. Our young, new, naive brake pads came to a screeching halt when we learn Jill has breast cancer.

Are you a repressed STEM gal? The STEM Revolution

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) had a recent blog post shouting out favorite STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math) women of the screen….I think my inner STEM gal has been waiting to come out for a long time. It’s been repressed. Is yours?