How Did You Deal with #whyIleft and #whyIstayed at Home?

This summer at Hot Mommas Project, we began a new feature called “Question of the Week” where we pose a question on Facebook and award a free premium course in our upcoming leadership academy to the best, most liked or most discussed answer. This past week, domestic violence was a hot topic online, in response Read more about How Did You Deal with #whyIleft and #whyIstayed at Home?[…]

Do Mean Girls Exist Outside of High School?

Exciting news! Today Hot Mommas Project starts a “Question of the Week” series on Facebook. We’ll be asking you to gague the feeling of our community on today’s hot topics, to see if our instincts match what the headlines often claim they should be. Our first topic, is one we think everyone can relate to Read more about Do Mean Girls Exist Outside of High School?[…]

Lessons from the Boys Club: 10 Ways to Activate Your Network

As women, we have access to wonderful networking groups, mentoring programs and leadership events! The list is endless on the possibilities to learn from and connect with each other. Yet, do we need a formal program or event to be there for each other?…The boys club did one thing right. They not only valued action on behalf of each other, it was expected.

Celebrating International Women’s Day together

Who Is In Your Sisterhood Circle? We all have women we admire who teach us the true meaning of sisterhood, setting an example that’s the opposite of the mean girl that Kathy talks about in her CNN featured report. This International Women’s Day, express your gratitude to that person by tagging them with our Sisterhood Read more about Celebrating International Women’s Day together[…]

VMA 2013: What is up with Miley Cyrus? Do we care?

Miley Cyrus’ VMA 2013 Performance – did you see it? There are two camps:

1. Amazing, because everyone is talking about it.

2. Atrocious, because it was inappropriate.

Business shout-out aside, Miley is now blacklisted for my seven year-old daughter. But does my belief system for my daughter make it inappropriate for her to gyrate or be otherwise outrageous on stage? C’mon, we all know plenty of stars act nutty everyday.

Here’s the real reason people can’t stop talking about this:

Orange is the New Black (OITNB): The New Women’s Empowerment?

Why you think you are watching Orange is the New Black: There is an upper middle class girl who went to Smith who was put in a Federal penitentiary. Holy …!

Why you keep watching Orange is the New Black: The women – with a few, exceptions – find their inner strength against all odds. They find it together. They find it on their own. They find it. It’s awesome.

What parts were particularly impactful to you? Do tell.