Do Women Have to Do All The Work? Inequities in Wage Gap, Doing the Dishes.

Bottom line: Women right out of college are making 17 percent less than men right out of college….Is the onus on the women to do all the work to bridge the wage gap? some of the same principles behind the wage gap are also behind why there may be an a perceived imbalance in housework.

Another Chapter in Nature vs Nurture

Catherine Redfern of the UK's 'The fword' summarizes an article which continues the nature vs nurture discussion on women, gender, and leadership. Here it is.. Psychologies article makes feminist fumeBy Catherine Redfern “Under the dubious headline "Are Women Better at Being in Charge?", various bosses, Chief Executives and leaders, both male and female, give their Read more about Another Chapter in Nature vs Nurture[…]


The Catalyst “Doomed/Damed” study is yet another take on the conflicts women face. Studies like this confirm for me the mission of the Hot Mommas Project…which focuses on the solutions. We must all be part of the solution. It's the entrepreneurial foundation on which our country was founded. Hot Mommas Project part in the solution? Read more about Doomed?[…]