#11 Case Study: Why Women Bosses Shouldn’t Permit Challenges to Their Authority

Janetta was a star employee. Two years ago she had been hired by her contracting firm out of a top school. She spoke a foreign language. She was assigned all the top projects. She was promoted. But in her new role, she encountered the most unlikely of push-back: From her trainer.

Blog Mentoring: Are You Organizing the Proverbial Sock Drawer?

This Saturday, March 10 is Guerrilla Mentoring at the George Washington University. This is part of our SisU learning series where in women share a goal or a challenge and get feedback in a very specialized manner. What is your goal or challenge for 2012?

#40 Surviving a Business Crisis – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

In my days as an analyst in the merger and acquisition/competitive analysis industry, I would listen with utter shock as heads of major corporations would pour their “business hearts” out to my team.  Product x was lagging in sales, and consumers hated it. They asked us for help.  They were getting killed by a foreign competitor. Could we help them? We were the business therapists for corporate America. I always wondered if they spoke this way to everyone, or just a select few. Whatever the methodology, they seemed clear on one thing:  Our clients had the wisdom to realize they must confront reality, to change reality. […]

Summary of Posts 1 – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

As I mentioned in the Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time Intro Post, I am now sharing this previously somewhat-secret blog with the inside scoop of the Hot Mommas Project. I will have a “Million Dollar Biz-Part Time” category here starting today. Subscribe at the right. The below is retroactively posted from November 28, 2008. It’s a “Cliffs Notes” of the posts and my learnings between March and November 2008. Whew! A lot of challenges, but, ultimately success. […]

From Challenging Childhood to Celebrated Writer: Delores Williams’ Case

“At the age of 15, she had had enough, and did the thing her mother had done, she walked out the door to never return.”

Student reaction: It was stories like that of Delores Williams which allowed me to change my mentality and use the energy I put into justifying my failures to exploring the opportunities I did have and to succeed.

From The Hot Mommas Project Learning Series: Delores Williams’ “Moving From Abandonment to Defining Herself

Case themes include: professional drive and creativity, family, confidence, individuality, dreams, change, and relationships.

Student contributor: GW student and Hot Mommas Project intern Kaitlyn McAuliffe.

The Hot Mommas Project Learning Series showcases a female role model’s story selected by a students. Role models are tied to women’s success. Read, listen, and learn. More about the Hot Mommas Project here and here. Want to be a featured student? Contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Challenges of Returning to Work

You think you have it hard? Check this out: 'Please join the DBTAC – Southwest ADA Center at ILRU for a Webcast on "Working and Returning to Work after an HIV Positive Diagnosis". To link to this Webcast and download accompanying materials visit: http://www.ilru.org/html/training/webcasts/calendar.html <http://www.ilru.org/html/training/webcasts/calendar.html>'This is particularly humbling. Perspective is a powerful tool. It’s half, Read more about Challenges of Returning to Work[…]