#49 – 15 Needles Goal Setting: Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

When I sat down to do the 2014 goals and planning for the Hot Mommas Project, somehow, I knew it was going to be different….I shaped my four major 2014 goal categories around the experience that day, pretty much violating every covenant of planning.

Doctor Starts Children’s Clothing Line: Cindy Christine Parker’s Case

“We had no formal business or fashion or marketing education or experience.  We knew we had a product that we strongly believed in and with this knowledge we knew we would not fail.”

Student reaction: “One of the lessons that Parker’s case features is that a person can never be too prepared for what life is going to bring you when you least expect it.”

From the Hot Mommas Project Learning Series: Cindy Christine Parker’s “Dr. Ooh La La – Funky Clothes for Little Monsters and Girly Girls

Case themes include: family, confidence, individuality, dreams, change, and relationships.

Student contributor: GW student and Hot Mommas Project team member Kaitlyn McAuliffe

The Hot Mommas Project Learning Series showcases a female role model’s story selected by a student. Role models are tied to women’s success. Read, listen, and learn. More about the Hot Mommas Project here and here. Want to be a featured student? Contact us on Facebook or Twitter.


Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time #11: Top 7 Low/No Cost Stuff To Use In Business

The alternative title to this post is, “How to fake like you’re a big company.” Let’s get right into it since I’m on vacation in Vermont. One little story, then onto the top 7. Click here to read on.