July 12, 2011

Guerrilla Mentoring

January 2013

The Support Network You’ve Been Waiting For, January 19th at #GWU

Saturday, January 19, 2013: Guerrilla Mentoring
The Hot Mommas Project Presents a #sisUdc Favorite: Guerrilla Mentoring
Where: The George Washington School of Business, Washington DC 
Why you should join us:

  • Women with mentors are more successful and have higher confidence. But, did you know that the number of mentors you have also impacts success factors? Hot Mommas Project Founder and Women’s Leadership Professor Kathy Korman Frey will give you the tools to find them.
  • Not sure what to say to your mentor?We’ve got you covered.
  • Want to be a mentor yourself? Participate in the most addictive mentorship exercises ever- live. This was the hands down favorite exercise at #sisUdc, and we’re bringing it back in a longer format. Guerrilla mentoring in its true form.

Click the image below to sign up today!

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