October 23, 2013

FAQs on Hosting a Hot Mommas Project Watch Party

Q: What is a Hot Mommas Project watch party?

A: Hot Mommas Project “watch party” is to:

  • Watch the winners of the world’s largest women’s case study library that increases confidence 200%.
  • Celebrate the female role models and mentors in your life. We gather round and throw parties for the Superbowl and World Cup, why not for this great mission? Now THAT’s a PARTY!

Q: How do I  host a Hot Mommas Project Watch Party?

A: Date: Sign up for the November 2, 2013 Event, Time: 12 noon to 2 pm EST

Level 1: Set up

  • Set up in your living room.  Watch on your computer.

Level 2: Host

  • Invite your friends and family. Hook your computer up to your TV for an enhanced watching experience (see links below).

Level 3: Share

  • Tweet and Facebook while watching using #Hmp13
  • Have a favorite local restaurant or party space? Host a larger gathering and call the press. We have sample press releases if you need.

Finally, enjoy.  It’s your party, the way you want. Honor the women in your life.

Let us know if you’re planning a watch party: From Dubuque to Dubai, we want to know and share with our fantastic community

Q: How do I access the awards ceremony?

A: You can watch the awards ceremony on your computer by linking to Livestream.  Sign up here to have the link and more watch party and award updates sent to you.



Q: How do I hook my computer up to my TV?

A: Here are three groups of links for a PC, Mac, and iPad to TV hook up.

NOTE: While most of the information just talks about cords (video / audio) be on the watch for any special software you may need to connect your TV and your computer (e.g., to play the video).

1) PC People

  • Hooking up your PC to a TVVisit this site for instructions on how to hook your PC up to your TV: This is a step by step, walk-through guide where you select the type of TV and the type of PC you have. It will tell you what cord to get, and where to get it (e.g. Amazon) if you don’t have it already. Allow yourself some time to order or buy the hook up cord and practice hook up. http://hookpctotv.com/

2) Mac People

3) iPad

Have questions? Email usHannah will do her best to wrap some tape around her glasses and answer all questions by October 31 / November 1. November 2, we’re MIA people.

P.s. The other day, the team and I tried opening LiveStream on the Wii internet channel. That did NOT yield good results so, if you are thinking you will do that, we don’t recommend it. We are open to “blog chatter” below on tips and questions from watch partiers.



Q: So, I do not have to show up at an in-person ceremony at the George Washington University like in the past?

A: Correct. Only one of our top three winners is American this round. What better way to kick off the “Hot Mommas Project SuperBowl Party Concept” than this year? Already, we are hearing about our authors and supporters holding watch parties with all different themes. International potluck (everyone brings something), champagne and Hot Mommas…tell us what you plan to do, below…

Q: I am a winner or finalist. Is there an award and, if so, how will I get it?

A: We are currently raising funds for postage to mail awards internationally (please see Eventbrite page). Trophies for our top three winners and certificates for our Category Winners will be mailed. E-certificates for our Finalists will be emailed. (((Note – All Hot Mommas Authors were previously sent – at the time of their status notification in May, and again over the Summer – a private link with web badges and press samples. If you need this, please email us.)))



Q: I feel kind of weird holding an awards party for myself. What should I do?

A: Two things. 1) You have contributed to the world’s largest women’s case study library for the purpose of mentoring. So you can pretend this is not about you, even though it is about you. 2) We provided a sample invitation template for you. It’s US bragging about YOU – feel free to replicate this template, send invites, and remember. We gave YOU this honor! Now, we’re asking a favor: Be an ambassador and teach others about the importance of role models and mentors.

Q: I think I forgot what’s happening. Can you remind me again? Can I have an espresso?

A: Sure. (Please take espresso). Three options:

1. You watch on your own by signing up for link to be emailed to you. Sign up here.

2. You are in a certain geographic region and learn about a local, attend a watch party (see below for comments on parties or #hmp13 on Twitter).

3. You hold your own watch party, invite people, and gather around the computer screen or hook it up to the TV using the instructions above.



Q: Wow, this sounds great!

A: Thanks. We’re pumped.


Summary of links


Sign up page

Hot Mommas Project About page


Watch for Women of the World




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