What are Your Favorite Resources for Continuing Education?

We all know that to continue to grow we must continue to learn. As the web continues to become integral to our daily lives, there seems to be no end to the new mobile apps, websites, and other adult education resources popping up every day. So many in fact, that it’s hard for one person to Read more about What are Your Favorite Resources for Continuing Education?[…]

How Did You Deal with #whyIleft and #whyIstayed at Home?

This summer at Hot Mommas Project, we began a new feature called “Question of the Week” where we pose a question on Facebook and award a free premium course in our upcoming leadership academy to the best, most liked or most discussed answer. This past week, domestic violence was a hot topic online, in response Read more about How Did You Deal with #whyIleft and #whyIstayed at Home?[…]

Building a World Where a Sisterhood of Success Replaces Mean Girls

Research shows that around age 11, girls can begin to experience deficits in what is called “self-efficacy.” In layperson’s terms, this is the feeling of “I can do that.” It doesn’t stop there. As the instructor of a nationally award winning women’s leadership course, I’m called into corporations where I hear about…well…grown up versions of “Mean Girls.” Is there a connection to that 11 year-old?

#18: PASSION – Do What you Love

Do you remember your career dreams of yesteryear, and then – kind of this halting screeching break sound like in a movie? And here you are… x (xx?) years later, in a cubicle, corner office, home office – NOT living the dream? I was forced to confront this reality when reading friend, coach, and Hot Mommas Project founding author Kathy Caprino’s piece on the topic in Forbes.

Nigella Lawson Refuses to Airbrush

When Nigella Lawson – famous British chef – refused to airbrush her stomach for a TV promotion… many probably thought “A – MEN!”

Whether you think Nigella has much to air brush or not, the point is this: Nigella is honest. And her choice to be honest matters, a lot. It represents confidence and comfort and acceptance in and of herself. She is a role model for girls and women in this way. And we need that. Why?

Eating disorder statistics provided by the National Eating Disorder Association indicate that 10 million American women suffer from eating disorders.

Lydia Fernandes & MotivMode Join the Sisterhood of Success – Tackle Holy Grail (Work-Life Balance)

You’ve often heard us joke (and whine) about balance, but Lydia Fernandes of MotivMode went straight for joy. Her daughters inspire her to find it. Think “tutu.” “My daughter began crying in the mornings about not wanting to take the bus to school….Helping her daughter use that self-awareness to work through…the situation…was this child’s first taste of self-empowerment.” Read More…

#15a: DELEGATE – Your Work Life Solution

Businesses often prepare for worst case scenarios. What if the CEO gets hit by a bus?…How SEVERE an analogy does it take for you to “let go” and pass off responsibility? Enter: The “If I Died” List. Take Xandra, for example. There Xandra sat …in her car.. in the parking lot…outside the hospital. “I’m in labor,” she texted from her Blackberry: Still wired, still connected. Xandra is still alive and well today, but…really people…

What is wrong with this picture?

#14 FIND SUPPORT – Power Plays for Women: Behind Every Woman is a Supportive Partner

When the Hot Mommas Project and the George Washington School of Business Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence did a national survey of 269 high-drive working women, it was in the midst of the opting out media firestorm. It was clear what wasn’t working. The story that wasn’t being told was this: What WAS working?