Award-Winning Leadership Programming

The Hot Mommas Project is launching the beta of its virtual campus in January. As our Founder, Kathy Korman Frey, registers her nationally award-winning Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership class at the George Washington University in DC, we offer an opportunity to following along, class-by-class with our Virtual Campus condensed version.

Read about the class below and use this sign up form. Registration will be capped, so it’s important to get on the sign up form.

What’s a Hot Mommas Project Watch Party?

What is a Hot Mommas Project watch party? We’ve taken our typical one-location awards announcement and “disrupted it.” We are now streaming from Washington, DC to you in your home town. The ripple effect? Hundreds of little Super Bowl / World Cup parties will take place all over the world to celebrate the mentors and role models in our life.

When: Saturday, November 2 at noon EST (Washington, DC time). Sign up for a digital ticket…

Do You Have FOMO? (Fear of Missing Out)

Do you have FOMO? Fear of missing out.

As a result, do you sometimes feel you’re stretched in a million directions? Unable to focus on what’s most important.

One thing we see a lot of at the nationally award-winning women’s education venture The Hot Mommas Project is this: Women not spending enough time forming relationships with mentors.

Why does this happen?

Haute Mama in the City Thinks We’re Worthy

Holy compliment of compliments. The chic-ly (is this a word?) honest “Haute Momma in the City” has deemed the Hot Mommas Project’s SisU 2012 Academy worthy. Really worthy. And she drops some Yiddish in her post. How funny is she? #SisU2013 will take place in October of 2013. In the meantime, below are some highlight Read more about Haute Mama in the City Thinks We’re Worthy[…]

What Questions Do You Have from #SisU2012?

SisU 2012 was tons of fun, learning, connection, and support. Our panelists rocked the house. Then attendees did the same by book-ending with their goals, and  then a mini Guerrilla Mentoring Session + giving back  exercise (to self and others). Here, Gaynell and I joke about whether she can feel the top of my SPANX Read more about What Questions Do You Have from #SisU2012?[…]

Homework for #SisU2012: What Happens in a World Without Obstacles?

By Kathy Korman Frey Participants in the the award-winning Hot Mommas Project Sisterhood of Success (SisU) Academy got a homework assignment today. It is is inspired by a familiar fairy tale-slash-nightmare I will also talk about on Dr. Phil Dembo‘s radio show tonight. (Access @LATalkRadio. Access the recording). Out of it came a great exercise that changed Read more about Homework for #SisU2012: What Happens in a World Without Obstacles?[…]