VMA 2013: What is up with Miley Cyrus? Do we care?

Miley Cyrus’ VMA 2013 Performance – did you see it? There are two camps:

1. Amazing, because everyone is talking about it.

2. Atrocious, because it was inappropriate.

Business shout-out aside, Miley is now blacklisted for my seven year-old daughter. But does my belief system for my daughter make it inappropriate for her to gyrate or be otherwise outrageous on stage? C’mon, we all know plenty of stars act nutty everyday.

Here’s the real reason people can’t stop talking about this:

Orange is the New Black (OITNB): The New Women’s Empowerment?

Why you think you are watching Orange is the New Black: There is an upper middle class girl who went to Smith who was put in a Federal penitentiary. Holy …!

Why you keep watching Orange is the New Black: The women – with a few, exceptions – find their inner strength against all odds. They find it together. They find it on their own. They find it. It’s awesome.

What parts were particularly impactful to you? Do tell.

The Whip: Celebrate Social Justice, Women’s Leadership, and Win

The Hot Mommas Project and Women Grow Business are celebrating actress / author Karen Kondazian’s June 18th Book Signing in DC at Barnes and Noble, Union Station at 5pm. If you continue to read, you’ll see what an amazing book this is for women and social justice. We’re giving away 10 FREE copies of The Whip for bloggers today + a free admission to the nationally award-winning Hot Mommas Project Digital Classroom for attendees of the book signing.

Thanks for Dinner Sweetheart: It’s International Women’s Day #IWD

It’s dinner time on the East Coast in the US. What are you doing? Maybe the typical scramble.  People arriving, dumping bags, plugging in, trying to unplug, etc. But – are you doing anything for International Women’s Day? Maybe, maybe not. Well – here’s your chance. And, it’s actually pretty easy. And pretty cool. And Read more about Thanks for Dinner Sweetheart: It’s International Women’s Day #IWD[…]

Are you a repressed STEM gal? The STEM Revolution

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) had a recent blog post shouting out favorite STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math) women of the screen….I think my inner STEM gal has been waiting to come out for a long time. It’s been repressed. Is yours?

All Female Panel Gathers for Hearing on Male Vasectomies #WhereAreTheWomen

An all-female panel will gather on Capitol Hill next week to testify about male vasectomies.

Okay, this is 100% not true.

But, believe it or not, something along these lines happened last week. An all-male panel weighed in on women’s birth control on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Can Just One Person Make a Difference for Women and Girls? Rachel Eberhardt Says Yes, and Leads the Way as Sis U Winner

Do you think just one person can make a difference for women and girls?  Last week, the Hot Mommas Project launched a contest for tickets to our ground-breaking women’s leadership half-day bootcamp: Sis U. We’ve cracked the code on confidence and can measurably improve it. Our research shows : It’s ALL about confidence ladies. Strangely, Read more about Can Just One Person Make a Difference for Women and Girls? Rachel Eberhardt Says Yes, and Leads the Way as Sis U Winner[…]

Do Women Have to Do All The Work? Inequities in Wage Gap, Doing the Dishes.

Bottom line: Women right out of college are making 17 percent less than men right out of college….Is the onus on the women to do all the work to bridge the wage gap? some of the same principles behind the wage gap are also behind why there may be an a perceived imbalance in housework.

#1 in Top Power Plays for Women | FIGHT

The fight is not over ladies. Just because women have the right to vote and can be CEOs doesn’t mean we can eat bon bons and coast. What are you willing to fight for?