Un-Book Club 1: Featuring Cynthia Thomas – The Highest Value Book Club You’ll Ever Experience




Here’s the information you’ll need for the class.

About our featured Case Author and Speaker

Cynthia_ThomasCynthia is an experienced researcher, strategist and designer.

She’s led strategy and solution development for brands and companies such as the Briggs & Stratton, E*Trade, Miller-Coors, Harley-Davidson, GE Healthcare, Johnson Controls, Guinness Atkinson Funds, Kimberly Clark, and Froedtert Hospital, as well as organizations University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Marquette University and Creative Alliance Milwaukee.

Evolving from her background in User Experience across a variety of industries, in recent years Cindi has worked to push the evolution of Experience Design and its application and practice not only in the business sector, but into unsuspecting processes and areas, including entrepreneurship, social system design and community development. Translator’s Open Lab platform pioneered ongoing community wide, cross-discipline dialog in the city of Milwaukee, and continues to serve as a pivotal tool for spurring and supporting transformational social initiatives.

In addition to her work at Translator, Cynthia is cofounder of the non-profit Islands of Brilliance, a breakthrough learning workshop for children and young adults with autism. She also launched, and currently serves as, Managing Director for the Girls in Tech Milwaukee organization, as well as serves as an advisor for Girl Scouts of Southeastern Wisconsin and Bradley Tech High School in Milwaukee.

Outside of the work she does, Cynthia is mom, an artist, an event planner and she makes a mean birthday cake. Cynthia’s digits:

Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Where to find Today’s Case

You can read Cynthia’s case now, at HotMommasProject.org,  or join the broadcast at noon sharp when we’ll be reading it together.

Here’s a brief quote from the Introduction:

She sat outside on the patio, under the stars, on an uncomfortable lawn chair in an even more unbearable emotionally uncomfortable moment in time.

Head thrown back, tears streaming down her cheeks, Cindi frantically searched the stars for comfort in the unusually clear August night sky.

“Please… please… please… tell me…” was the only clear thoughts that could be mustered, having just minutes earlier delivered the definitive decision to her husband: our marriage is over, it’s time to move on.

“Please tell me this is right… please,” she whispered.

Then it happened.

First one, passed off as fluke. Then two. Could it be? Then three. Three? Yes, three shooting stars. In that moment the universe opened up in a way she has never experienced before. An answer and an awakening. Cindi knew that in this moment, nothing would ever be the same again, and it was all meant to be.

“Thank you,” she sobbed, “thank you.”


About: The Hot Mommas Project Virtual Campus Alpha Test of  The Un-Book Club

Thanks for joining us for our Un-Book Club!  You have been invited here as we test one of the first components of the Hot Mommas Project Virtual Campus. People were always asking ‘How can I be a part of the Hot Mommas Project?” – this site is the answer to that question. We hope you can help us make it great, meaningful, and inspiring. We want to move the needle.


for taking the time to BE HERE.

This is our first attempt to bring in our insiders as we start testing one component at a time. Today: It’s our un-book club where we bring role models and mentors from around the world to lifeBecause access to role models and mentors – even in case study form – are shown to increase self-efficacy(P.s. We are the world’s largest womens’ case study library.)


What do I do?:

Update: This Un-Book Club has concluded. For updates on the next book club please sign up on our email list.

1) 12 – 12.15 EST: Read  Cynthia’s case (over achievers, see appendix, teaching notes, links at right)

2) 12.15-12.45 EST:  Watch image above. When the broadcast begins, the image above will change to a YouTube Video. It will be streamed privately to members only. (Today, it will be audio only. We will poll you about this after.)

3) 12.45 EST-1:  Ask questions. 

  • Via phone – at end of broadcast (sign up in advance to have the meeting software call you) – (provided to members)
  • Via Twitter – whenever – using #bossacad (A working name)

4) Afterparty – we email you after

  • Poll (we borrow your brain)
  • More audio fun (we had to cut out)
  • Participate in a mission (assigned by Cindi)
  • Other fun resources, maybe a pony.


Optional: Share your thoughts on below or directly on the Twitter website, at any time before or during the broadcast using the hashtag #bossacad (our working name).  Talk to you on the call!