What are Your Favorite Resources for Continuing Education?

We all know that to continue to grow we must continue to learn.

As the web continues to become integral to our daily lives, there seems to be no end to the new mobile apps, websites, and other adult education resources popping up every day.

So many in fact, that it’s hard for one person to keep up. Let’s join forces and build a master list of all of our favorite continuing education resources.

And please don’t feel like you have to restrict yourself to those that are free. As great as free stuff is, sometimes that extra edge you get is worth a few bucks.

Or are you an educator, mentor, or coach?

Are there resources that you would use to provide other people of information in a course like atmosphere?

Feel free to share those as well.

What are the tools that you used to enhance your career development, leadership and ability to mentor the generation before and after year?

Answer the question on our Facebook page by Monday October 20, 2014, and you could win receive a free seat in one of our premium classes on our virtual campus, opening this fall.