Lydia Fernandes & MotivMode Join the Sisterhood of Success – Tackle Holy Grail (Work-Life Balance)

You’ve often heard us joke (and whine) about balance, but Lydia Fernandes of MotivMode has got it right. She uses balance as a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. Genius. Who would have thought that getting the car pool just right wouldn’t make us deliriously happy? She gets everyone where they need to go, super happy, comfortable, and then goes to dance class. You heard right. Think tutu.


Do the Canadians have it figured out? (She’s our 2009 Canadian Case Winner and a Senior Country Manager)

And check this out….


time for the case.

Lydia Fernandes & MotivMode

Ultimate Self-Awareness and Being Present in the Moment



Lydia Fernandes, mother of three girls and founder of MotivMode, knows that being self-aware is a critical tool for self-empowerment. A recent event pointed at how true this is, even for the littlest ones. Early in the school year, Lydia’s second daughter – almost 7 years old– started becoming literally sick to her stomach at the thought of going to school in the mornings. After a lot of probing, she figured out that her daughter was exhibiting an anxiety disorder over the school bussing procedures:

“My daughter began crying in the mornings about not wanting to take the bus to school. My initial reaction was to get mad at her because the mornings were so stressful as it was, and she indicated that no one was bothering her on the bus (confirmed by her 8-year old sister). She started saying that she felt like throwing up and I could see the panic in her eyes – so I knew it was serious. We talked about it for two days, even had her teacher involved, trying to get a better understanding of the problem. On the third day we were all getting ready in the morning when she came to me and said, ‘Mommy, I am having the feelings again and I don’t know why I’m feeling like this. What should I do?’ I couldn’t believe that a child so young could draw such a distinction between what she was feeling and the situation at hand. I thought I’d better work with this opportunity to help her move herself into a better place for coping”.

Helping her daughter use that self-awareness to work through her feelings and the situation at hand was this child’s first taste of self-empowerment.

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Lydia Fernandes (and MotivMode) join the Sisterhood of Success, shares her story and – in doing so – offers lessons learned and in-progress, a dash of curve balls and a full dose of older sister. Thanks to Lydia for her generosity of time, and wisdom.

Please note – that all Lydia’s girls are on the “self empowerment bandwagon” now!

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