How Do I Write a Hot Mommas Project Case and Serve as a Mentor for Girls and Women?

About: The Hot Mommas Project is an award-winning leadership project raising self-efficacy of women and girls through exposure to role models and virtual mentors.  We produce case studies showing the full range of factors influencing a woman’s success.  We are housed at the George Washington University School of Business and are the recipient of a 2006 Coleman Foundation National Case Award and have been featured in NPR, the Washington Post Magazine, EntrepreneurWomen, Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference Site, and many others.

Not nominated? Here is what to do if you are interested in becoming part of the project and impacting women’s education: NOMINATE a role model (yourself included).

Winners of the case study competition will have the chance to be published in a major Prentice Hall textbook and honored at the Women in Philanthropy Forum in Washington DC  May 4.  See judging criteria and prizes/winners

Q: Where do I start in writing a Hot Mommas Project case?

A: Sign in at and go to the case competition page. Browse the links on the right for tutorials and sample cases.


Q: What’s a trick to help me with the four sections of the case(Intro, Background, Professional, Personal)?

A: Do this

  1. ….Think of a story about a time in your life when you had a big professional challenge. (E.g., Vanessa walked into her office and saw a sea of paper and staff waiting for her….
  2. …Think of a story about a time in your life when you had a big personal challenge.
  3. …For each story, think about what lessons you learned. What are still struggling with? Be sure to communicate both in the case. (Trick: Use “notes” section to post “my top 10 strategies for success” or other solutions or lessons).
  4. …Background section: Then, think back to an “aha” moment where you came into your own.
  5. ….Final step: Write discussion questions to drive readers to majjor points. What “lessons” should they be learning and pondering? What chapters of a textbook might your professional lesson correspond to? (Sales, finance, communication, etc.)
  6. EXTRA….Include some links in your appendix to drive home the focus of your discussion questions. This and discussion questions wind up being the difference between a “good” case and a “great” case.
This will all be discussed on the tutorials…take it step by step. Think of a story. Wrap it around that. Don’t get overwhelmed.

DON’T FORGET! SAVE OFTEN and click “Publish” – You can change your case through February 24, 2013  12:00 MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME(contest conclusion). UPDATE: ANY EXTENSIONS, HELPFUL HINTS, and UPDATES WILL BE SENT TO CASE AUTHORS REGISTERED AT  – SO BE SURE TO REGISTER! 

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