#42 Stress Solutions, Drag Queens, and Putting Fun Back in Business – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

Today I watched performers from RuPaul’s “Drag Race” show on a reality show “The Arrangement” which is about floral designers.  It’s basically Project Runway meets flowers.  You know what struck me, in addition to how gorgeous these drag queens were: They were having FUN. (Please note, blue dress is Gigi Levangie Grazer – a noted screenwriter and author who hosts the show).

So here’s what drag queens have to do with me: I realize I’m not having  fun anymore with my business. It’s weird, because, when I started the Hot Mommas Project, I made no money. It was my research as a faculty member to provide role models for women and girls (digital, teachable role models that is). Now, it’s evolved into a real business and I make money and it’s less fun.  So, my early New Year’s Resolution is to ask the following question to myself each day:

Am I having fun with the business today?

If the answer is “no” – then – I need to remedy it. STAT.

So people, the fun starts again TODAY.

Here is a funny story:

Scene: Today on the way home from the gym, kids in urban assault vehicle, iPod plugged in, Sis-U /Hot Mommas Project soundtrack playing.

Sir Mixalot: “I like BIG BUTTS and I CANNOT LIE!”

Kids in back of car: [Giggling hysterically] Mama! Mama! That guy said “BUTTS!!”

Hubby: See kids? If you become a song writer, you can write naughty words into your song and sing them!

Son [7 years old]: Really?

Hubby [as I roll eyes]: Yep buddy. It’s absolutely true. People do it all the time.

Daughter [4 years old]: Oh oh! Okay, here’s my song! I have to peeeeeee….I have to peeeeeee..[song continues, getting into the areas of the international kids’ favorite – diarrhea]

Me: [I’m laughing too…..and, the point of this post: HAVING FUN!]


Has this happened to you?

You think of your entire day and there is no fun?

Would you classify yourself as a walking resume?

Have you tripped or harmed yourself in anyway while using your phone / email while walking?

Would you consider the above danger signs?

Let’s think of fun things. Give us some ideas. We need serious help here people.


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11 thoughts on “#42 Stress Solutions, Drag Queens, and Putting Fun Back in Business – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

    • Life is way to short to not be 100% loving what you do! Making it fun, giving it a creative an interesting spin that engages you fully will not only keep you motivated but it will render great results for your clients! Thanks Chief Hot Momma!

  • So true Anastasia. Ps You have the coolest name in the world. As we speak, my BFFs from business school and I are sending each other emails back and forth and howling with laughter. So, we’re getting closer to the “having fun” part of business and life. Even a hilarious “reply all” can get the party started.

  • Being able to add fun in mostly all parts of our lives are very important. Makes everything lighter, smoother. Once I saw in a movie that you should grow up, but never loose the fun in it!
    Life can be tough, difficult, full of challenges, unexpected events, probelms, etc. But also life is too short not to take a dark part and make it brighter with some fun. When you putt your heart and creativity in everuthing you do, you will have fun. It will make you enjoy every day, it will make you look at everything else with different eyes.
    Many things we do dealing with a mental strugle, can be replaced for doing it with joy. Sometime, we have to allow ourselves and relax, laugh, enjoy.
    That sunday that you have to “fix” things arround the house can be a great opportunity to gather some friends, make some snacks and invite them over to help. I bet that i can be done faster and it will garantee you great moments.
    I was able to find fun with the boy that I take care of aven during homework and/or studying for a test. We make little poems and them some body signals to remember the important topics.
    So, you only have to find where you can fit some fum in your daily basis. It easy ince you try it .

  • Boy, what a timely post for me as well. You know how they say friends tend to menstruate together? I think we “stress” together too! A weird analogy I know but I think you catch my drift 😉

    My stress levels are maxing big time right now as well. Between my daughter having a seizure, other stressful family issues and taking on way too many projects than I can manage – I can honestly say that I’m not having fun anymore either. I’m very snippy at home and I don’t like it. I don’t have migraines but suffer from costochondritis whenever my stress levels skyrocket. I realize it is a time to re-evaluate and re-prioritize, and I need to do it sooner rather than later. Some things are out of my control, but for the things I can do something about I need to kick it into gear. Though these “low periods” suck, I always learn so much from them. And the lesson almost always begs the question, “So are we having fun yet?”

    • So sorry to hear about your daughter, and stress. Sometimes serious things show us just how silly we’re being. And, then – ironically – it’s time to get a lot more silly. We’ve been laughing A LOT at my house recently. People think we’re kind of deranged. Wishing you, your family, and your head and heart the best.


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