Hot Mommas Project Celebrates So You Think You Can Dance #SYTYCD National Dance Day in DC and Canada to Support Women in the Arts

To celebrate Hot Mommas® (dynamic women)  in the arts, Hot Mommas® around the US and Canada filmed their little munchkins dancing for National Dance Day.  National Dance Day was July 31, and was created and popularized by FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance show and its Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe.  National Dance Day – on July 31 – resulted in amazing events , flash mobs in major cities, as well as an introduction of a bill into Congress.

Check out our Hot Mommas® Project WINNERS here, especially our ARTS category winners Ashley Albert (case), Lucrecer Braxton (case), and Linda Smith (case).

Please enjoy these adorable videos of some high-energy tiny dancers celebrating National Dance Day on behalf of the Hot Mommas® Project.

Featured are the offspring of:

  • Entrepreneur Kassie Rempel of (Best shoes EVER. Walked 3.5 miles in these FitFlops from her store).
  • Hot Mommas Project Canadian Country Manager and entrepreneur, Lydia Fernandes. No words to describe  how extensively she has supported women and girls – and continues to in her girls’ obvious love of dance!
  • And my daughter, who takes her own variation on the So You Think You Can Dance National Dance Day celebration by picking her nose. I’m so proud.

    Team U.S.: Oakley and Lilah!


    Team Canada: The Fernandes gals!


    Team US: Oakley solo (breaker re-mix)


    Team US: Lilah solo (nose-pick re-mix)


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