The Hot Mommas Project Young Adult Panel Selections

The Hot Mommas Project recognizes popular cases

selected by a young adult judging panel represent top youth entrepreneurship programs such as NFTE, DECA, FBLA, and the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation. In addition, we have representatives from The Children’s Defense Fund, George Washington University students, and young Washington Area Entrepreneurs.

Note: This is a second category of judging separate from the main judging panel determining the top 3 winners according to case judging criteria.


All individuals who write cases have a common trait: They want to help their peers, and the next generation.  To make sure the case message and lessons resonate with student and other groups,  we do three things:

* Assess adherence to the judging criteria. These criteria are based on known learning methodologies.

* Ask the student team of  interns at the Hot Mommas Project to read, blog, and podcast about their favorites.

* Soon, we add commenting functions on the cases.  We will track comments on cases, as well as usage by classes and leadership groups.

Popular cases will be highlighted and featured on our blog throughout the year.

If you are a current or future case writer, and want tips on improving your case, email us. Virtual coaching is available. Also see the case study competition “must haves” list.

Stay tuned on our blog as students, leadership groups, and thought leaders read the Hot Mommas Project cases, comment, learn, and share.  Follow our blog and sign up for our opt-in only newsletter to get updates on popular cases, how to use them in group discussions, and other key info bytes.


Here are the top popular cases in no particular order

Kathy Caprino & Ellia Communicatns

Breakdown, Breakthrough:Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, & Purpose

Saranne Rothberg & ComedyCures

Arm Yourself With A Punch Line: Develop Your Comic Perspective

Margot Wistar Potter & The Impatient Crafter

Snapshots from the Life of a Woman of Substance

Ria Sharon & My Mommy Manual

Leap and the net will appear!

Kenya R McRae & McRae’s Foods

Proving People Wrong; Following Your Dreams

Felicia Dawn Stoler

From crumbling home, divorce, mommy, doctorate, to TV Personality

Beate Chelette

I am a woman who wants it all and gets it, too.

Alicia Nicole Buford

Student Case: From Dreamer to Doer

Kelly Kolker

Finding your Passion and Creating Your Role

Dr. Nancy Irwin

Psychotherapist/Therapeutic Hypnotist/Author of YOU-TURN: CHANGING DIRECTION IN MIDLIFE

Hannah Friedman

Yale grad, professional author, director, education advocate, gen Y voice

Jane Ellen Angelich & Bright IP Concepts, LLC

No Bad Time To Bring A Good Product To Market



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